Thursday, April 21, 2011

Where do you stash it all away?

Hello hello! First up, an update: Weight off my mind (finished all the forms, waiting for one last letter to arrive, and hopefully it'll catch the post tomorrow). Whew. Thank you for all your sweet comments--you make my day, you know!  So I'm back and chipper, and I thought I'd catch up with y'all! There's this post I've been meaning to write for donkey's ages and it involves a load of BLING! (coz' a girl can't ever have enough, right?) So where do you hang it all up? I find that if I leave it in drawers or boxes, it gets into a whole tangled mess that I can't be bothered to deal with. Out of sight, out of mind.  I was scouting around the web and I found some lovely ideas out there....

Fill an emptied out Yankee candle jar with eye candy? Yes! Read the complete how-to here.

An old picture frame, some plywood, and burlap, a ton of creativity and voila: Functional art! For more pictures and the complete how-to, skip on over to the Songbird blog.

Or perhaps you remember Justina's method? Cushion for earrings, rolled up 'zine for bangles, pretty teacup for rings.....I love it all!
Credit: Compai. For the home tour, click here.

While I'm on the topic, I thought I'd share how I do it as well! I'd bought these two mug racks (less than two bucks, y'all!) on one of my many thrifting expeditions last year. Since they were disparate colors and the wood wasn't really in such great shape, I had spray painted them black and then used a bit of sandpaper to add a little distressing to the edges. It's really not visible in these pictures, but a bit of the wood tone shows through and (I think!) it looks very pretty.


The nicest part is that I have access to my jewelry--I love bangles! and they add a huge splash of color against the black furniture (don't ask! My home office table was black to begin with and all add-ons over the years just seemed to be black! ) It's (still!) very much a work in progress and hopefully over the years it will evolve into it's own element....This room is pretty much my sanctuary. (Disclaimer: it's not always in the best shape, as it can get very messy with piles of paper (and loads of unfolded laundry, LOL!) )

At the moment the accessories add all the color..... (see these posts on where I blog from: 1, 2 and 3. )

 An eyeload of my bling!!

Where do you stash it all away? --I'd love to know!


  1. Great ideas. I specially like that magazine for bangles, cushions for earings one.

  2. Love the ideas Gagan. I have a great one for my earrings. It is a turned over trash can, set on a lazy susan. The trash can is the mesh kind. I have a photo, perhaps I can post it on my blog one of these days:):) Enjoyed all of your bling:)

  3. What a great collection of bangles, Gagan! and I loved the way you have stored them.

    I'm an earrings persons...have loads. but all in the drawers. I need a better way to stash them...and I'm getting inspired with this post of yours:)

  4. Very practical ideas Gagan. Like the jar idea for the chains - colorful and practical. My earrings I hang them around some big hand blown glass bowls I have collected over the years. Loved those bangle stands, just perfect and why bother to carry them all the way from India :-)

  5. Oooooo So many ideas! I have got to start implying what I see here! :)

    ♡ from ©

  6. Drawers, boxes and racks :). I am a bangles girl myself :).

  7. i love bangles.. i used to wear 2 dozen in one hand during college.. crazy :)

    loved ur post.. it just brought back memories..

    new to ur space n happy to follow u for more wonderful creations..
    do visit me when u get time ..

  8. I don't know how I missed this post. Lovely idea. Have been looking for a traditional bangle stand ... but its so much easier to get hold of a mug holder here. Will let you know how it goes.

  9. i loveee this post. i have been looking for inspiration for jewelery stashing! thank you so much.

  10. great idea Gagan! I have been looking for bangle stand and some way to keep my earring pairs so that I do not loose them or can find them easily:-) Thanks for the inspiration!


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