Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's back--the revenge of the red tape, part two.

In case you're looking for me, I'm mindin' my own business, filling out forms (mentally tearing them into teeny tiny shreds and feeding them to the sharks/vultures/what-have-yous.) G.R.O.A.N.

I'm drowning under piles of paperwork, bound and gagged with red tape. I'll only be surfacing for food and water (and some air, occasionally). I'll see you soon (?).



  1. i hear ya...i should be joining you..instead I'm just distracting myself!

  2. Awww! I know how that feels like :(

  3. kya re?!?! Itna kya kara rahe hain tere se?!?! (Sorry!! after 8 years in Hyderabad, I have unfortunately learned the Hyderabadi hindi!) :P

  4. Come on over, will make you a hot cup of tea :-) You sound like you need it!!

  5. I love the hilarious way you write G. You are the natural pick ;)

  6. Me and paperwork just don't go together. I delegate all of my paperwork to hubby.

    See ya soon.

  7. @All: Thanks girls!
    @DW: That's what I did for a while today--I'm the queen of procrastination!
    @R:Your hyderabadi hindi rocks. ROTFL!! (Tho' while I was there, the autowallahs refused to understand my dilliwali hindi OR english. Strange!)
    @Anu, that sounds good!
    @Divs... Har-har de har.
    @Geeta: Yeah and I'm the one who gets all the paperwork delegated to her. How I'd love to be the delagatee for one, but if you want the job done right, you gotta roll up your sleeves sistah!

  8. Um that should read: "delegator(delegater?) for once".

    signing off,

    the paperwork-addle-brained human.

  9. you seem so busy. thanks for the comment on my blog, despite your busy schedule.

  10. Hey! Thank You for visiting me Gagan, neha being instrumental in that , she and me share a lot of common interest , going through your blog makes me feel that even you have so many of those common ones as neha rightly said, though I do visit your blog now and then ...but now on find me as another follower :) Take care


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