Friday, April 22, 2011

Longing for........

.........warm summer nights, balmy breeze and fireflies, the heady scent of night-blooming jasmine (chameli) and fairy lights...This week we had another bout of rain and stormy weather (we were put under a tornado watch, thankfully the storms passed by without much damage)...and while I don't really like the rain too much, there is a bright side to it--"April showers bring May flowers". So while we wait out the yucky weather, I'm looking to the future, and it looks fine!

So let's start dreaming and planning for warmer weather shall we?

The picture above reminds me of the quintessential summer fetes....white tents, good music and loads of crafts to browse through!

Perhaps a DIY appeals to you? Egg carton lights, anyone?

And it doesn't get any prettier (or simpler!) than this:

 And of course, what would summer be without this.....

Yeah! Bring it on, I'm so ready for it.....

All images courtesy Pinterest.


  1. lovely images,i envy how you all search for such gorgeous picts every time to load.

  2. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful! :) Have a good Easter Break!

    ♡ from ©

  3. Have a lovely weekend....lovely images!

  4. I really like the egg carton lights.

  5. Hi GB,
    Thanks so much! I would really appreciate you spreading the word about the free ads.


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