Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Weekend Folks!

Its fall! Mornings are crisp and cool, just the way I like them. Fall is arguably the best season of the year in this part of the world. In all the parts of the American continent that we have lived in so far, spring has to be the biggest let-down ever! There's always the promise of warmer winds and budding life, but it seems to drag on forever (at least a lot longer than I have patience for!!)--it usually ends up being "mud season" with all that accumulated snow turning into thick sticky mud! Not fun. But fall....the trees are alive with color! The air is fresh. Crisp. The bugs that plague my summer evenings are gone. and then there's the clothes........scarves and cuddly sweaters, tights and boots...... :) Everything's just right! the festivals are around the corner and there's something familiar in the air.......I can't place it, but there's always a pull, a yearning that I feel at this time of the makes me feel so alive and puts an extra spring in my step... Do you feel the same way?

My woolen shawl/ scarf (its neither here nor there, but I love it to death!). My lapis +silver necklace.

Another view...I love this scarf, it goes with everything and boy! does it liven up neutrals!! :) (I might do a feature on the company that makes these scarves...let me know if you're interested! ;) )

I also thought I'd share with you my view (or part of it anyways!) as I blog! (I found a few new treasures this past week while thrifting and I can't get enough of their prettiness!) I'm sharing one at the moment, the rest will follow later...........

To the right of my computer screen.

I'm a desktop person.
 Hubby's a laptop kinda guy.
I'm a PC.
He's a Mac. :)

You know what they say about opposites, right?  ;)

Let me walk you through my stuff....the little shoe is made in Turkey (courtesy Pier1). I needed someplace to dump place my jewelry from the day. I love my trinkets, but have this need to divest myself of them the moment I get home (and seeing that I rush to my computer the moment I'm home, it makes sense to have a landing pad for them on my table, right?). The glass bowl with the cast iron hummingbird cover is my newly thrifted treasure. For the princely sum of $0.99, it now houses my clutter paper clips and such. The Kashmiri papier-mâché box holds thumbtacks and other pointy stuff. My eclectic pen(cil) collection is all courtesy the cute little guy--he leaves little gifts for his mama whenever he feels the need to (somewhere in that glass mug is a butterfly shaped eraser, which he didn't really need because it was pink. ) The plant and planter you've been acquainted with earlier. :) (I now know the proper name for the mug--stein. Thanks Tallulah!).

Closeup of my hummingbird cover! :) I love it! (and for the price, I love it even more!! Score!!)

My cup o' joe. Bru, made the Indian way, with loads of milk and sugar! Computer screen as I work on this post--that's real time for ya! :)

What's your view like right now? :)


  1. happy weekend to you too Gagan

  2. happy weekend Gagan! cute shoe there!!

  3. I have a pair of clogs too - my sister picked them up from the Netherlands. Like your scarf. And I do not like this weather and that impending winter. I am a spring - summer person here.


    And this festive season is making me homesick!

  4. Have a great weekend, Gagan! That's a pretty scarf!

  5. Finally!That shoe is so cute, actually everything is pretty including the scarf.Great taste.I also have a thing for pencils.Newly sharpened arranged neatly in a stand make me happy.;-)

  6. Loved the humming bird lid on the Jar..cute stuff

  7. Each collection of yours speaks itself

  8. im loving fall as well...and im sooo a PC person jus like u :)

  9. what a cute post! I love this part of the year too...TOO much!

  10. Beautiful!
    That scarf is amazing, do tell more!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous post!! Loved it!! Loved the images of your home... all of them looking gorgeous.. Hope you have a fabulous wekened.. :-)

  12. I love Bru and your shoes are ultra cute. Will check out for those when I go to Pier 1 next time.

  13. I love Fall too, but it's so warm here today, I'm not in the mood for it yet!
    You have a very cool desk. Right now my view is totally bland as I just painted our home office and none of the stylish items are back in there yet... just the bare essentials for getting on the interwebs!

  14. I love fall too, we kind of, sorta have some kind of a fall. In December :).

    I LOVE your scarf. Can I just tell you it is NOT neither here nor there. It is in fact very IT, as far as I am concerned.

  15. adore your picture of the colorful shawl and the necklace.Yes, do a post on the company...I would love to see their items. And, yes i love this time of year too...but I just want fall to last and winter to stay away :)

  16. Hi I am here for the second time visitor here :)
    clicked in here from Sayantani's blog and seeing your blog's name as 'peacocks and paisleys' i knew i would love this blog.

    Your stole is just beautiful , it has all my favorite elements.
    Loved your knick knacks and that they are needed near the PC ... i am a PC person too and need most of my things by the side of this screen ...:)

  17. Love the scarf, please do tell more! I love that glass jar with metal cover, my kinda piece and definitely my kinda place. I used to go to antique stores and thrift shops in canada a lot but somehow haven't found any close by since I moved to US. Fall colors are beautiful but I hate the impending cold weather which makes me not enjoy fall as much as I should!

  18. oops...I meant "my kinda price", not place!


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