Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dog days of summer!!

Now that school has started, my mind is set on auto-mode for fall. Yes, even as we reel under the current heat wave, I'm silently rooting for fall, which, to my mind is the most pleasant time of year in this hemisphere. However, as summer is not done yet, here are a few random summer-y pictures celebrating summer's last hurrah...........

My view from P&P central!! Herbal tea cup...with, (what else?) herbal tea!!

This large hand-painted and hand-glazed mug with the patina-ed lid was a thrift store find. It now cradles a solitary stem of pothos and sits next to the window to take in the afternoon sun in my home-office. The book is by Thrity Umrigar, my most recent author-crush. (Sadly, I couldn't get past the first page of this one (the weight of heaven). Some themes are too graphic for me since I became a mom....) I would highly recommend "the space between us", though...I love her fluid style of writing. I don't need to wrestle with sentences packed with ornate words...some times I'm just not in the mood to!!! Also, she doesn't subscribe to the "we all live cra99y lives and then we all die" book club. No stomach for doom and gloom books anymore!! Have you read her? What did you feel? write in, I'd love to hear more....

DIY coasters. My bit of indulgence in kitsch. (photoshop+modge-podge+discarded CDs).. :)

What did your summer entail? talk to me.....


  1. loved your coasters...hoping this post will be followed by lovely tutorial for the same :)

  2. the curtain is soooo pretty and so are the coasters :)

  3. i'm the same way! even though i'm a week and a half away from the fall semester and the heat is insane, i'm totally in fall mode. we're planning on doing some final summery things next week, though, like take a trip to amish country. can't wait!

    i love the vase!

    xo Alison

  4. @Purplehomes: Thanks and welcome...I'll try to put up the tutorial sometime soon!

    @Nisha: the curtains were part of acare package from my mom, several years ago! Don't you love getting parcels in the mail? :)

    @Alison: I know!! even though summer's going strong (and I really do love the warmer days) I can't help but plan for the fall (is it something to do with the store displays I wonder...) it used to start cooling down by this time of year up north...

  5. Ha our brutal summer - temps in the low 100's for almost 2 months straight - are over thank goodness. I sat closeted in AC comfort only to emerge for food!!! Now its all lush and green with the rains!Hope DC is not too bad when i visit end of the month!!!

  6. @ Kamini: I know...I feel almost guilty claiming a "heat wave" when I've lived in India most of my life....but the truth is that even hitting 32 deg C seems unbearable now. is it age? or is it the fact that the body can only handle one set of extremes?--I've lived through -40 deg C winters (yup, polar bears paw!!) and find that my tolerence for heat has gone down dramatically. (you'll hear me bitchin' all through winter RE the cold...warning you in advance...) :)

  7. Oh I love using the stein for a plant. I have one very similar that I picked up at a thrift store. Never thought about doing that with it :-)

    Great idea for the coasters...I have a ton of freebie CD's laying about somewhere.

    My summer has been work , work , work lol. Nothing exciting :-)

  8. hey...thanks for checking my blog out...
    love the horn ok please coster

    do come back and visit :)

  9. @ Tallulah: :D I had to look up stein. love the word now! how apt. Let me know if you turn any CDs into works of art-you have the talent to!

    @don't shoe me: thanks for stopping by! :)

  10. We still have a looooooong way to go to for summer to end. I like the CDs. Nice idea.

  11. Thanks Geeta, where in the states are you? :) I'm guessing south!

  12. ah gorgeous pictures! hmm...summer went by too fast but Hawaii was definitely the highlight :)
    have a great weekend,

  13. A treat to sore eyes!! Came from Indira's blog. Nice to be here. best wishes.

  14. @ Pree: thanks! they were super easy to make. I'll post a tutorial soon.
    @naina: thanks for dropping in!
    @Sanjeeta: thanks, glad you liked the blog! hope to see you around more often.

  15. School already? Wow.
    My district didn't start until after Labor Day (it was odd..and very late)...
    Hope you enjoy the rest of your summer.

  16. Wonderful finds and I love the coasters!!

    Come and enter my Latest Giveaway!!

    Art by Karena

  17. Hey Gagan, I have finally caught up with all your posts , reading backwards :).

    It is always summer here :) the difference being rainy or not. But in December, it almost feels like fall , at least by our standard and the air is cool and crisp, and despite the rain, there's always the smell of dew on the grass and the glistening in the trees and rainy afternoons are just my favourite.

    Those coasters are great.

  18. @sans: Now that I think of it, it was always summer back home in India as well. What passed for winter was spring minus the chill! :)


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