Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A home filled with art and cherished memories: Kamini's Seattle Home.

You and I have been waiting a long time for this post, which only makes it that much sweeter, don't you think? This home tour brings me back full circle......Kamini's was the first home I ever featured on P&P.  I mentioned that day that Kamini was a person I'd love to know in the real world (and even though we still haven't met in person) she's since become one of my closest friends, and that in itself can justify the existence of this blog. :) This home tour also celebrates Kamini's return to a city she loves, so full-circle on that as well. ( I actually have a lot to say here, but it's threatening to get super-emotional, so I'm going to zip it save it for another post.) I'm sure you've already read about the epic move, but in case you've been on sanyaas, anthills and all, here are a few links to bring you up to speed!

Okay, enough talking for now, let the drool-fest begin! We'll start with the entry, with it's stunning rug and painted table--we've seen the entry table before, but I think it looks right at home in it's new space, don't you? Love those turned legs--they remind me of those lacquered wooden toys that we used to play with as kids.

As Kamini describes it, this floor of their home is one long rectangular space, with an open floor plan; it houses the kitchen, the dining space and the family room. There's also space for a perfect sunlit reading nook. I love the way  Kamini has created functional "rooms", with the skillful use of (her gorgeous collection!) of rugs. The warm wood, paired with those stunning rugs really cozies up the space!

The dining room and kitchen island--love love love those block-print bar stool covers. The dining table with more stunning legs on display. You can see portions of the reading nook in the background. And you've just got to love all that gorgeous green growing in the backyard.

The reading nook, with her father-in-law's favorite chair, a comfy footstool, a fireplace for the colder months, plenty of natural light, and her little "temple" which holds cherished family heirlooms like her grandfather's ivory box and bell, incense holder, water jar and a set of wooden spoons that have been used by the family priest for over 50 years. A frankincense holder hangs next to the window, completing her little sanctuary.

The family room is nestled right between the reading nook and the kitchen. It's full of color! We see a lot of old favorites, including the treasure trunk she painted (major talent!). There's the daybed, with it's jolt of vibrant color, a gorgeous lamp to read under and the huge copper pot that holds extra cushions. And then there's the coffee table with it's beautiful embroidered tapestry providing the perfect backdrop for amber glass and lacquered wood. Sigh.

The formal living room is set off the entryway, boasting more reading nooks, and  a cozy grouping of poufs  and traditional chairs to get the conversation going! I can just imagine this house full of laughter and animated conversations! Oh the parties that you'll have! :)

Love that mirror frame! And those poufs look so inviting.....

Another reading nook, featuring Kamini's favorite new chair! You can read all about it here. You can also see the edge of the coffee table and the coasters she mentions in her post in the picture below.

And of course, there's the art. Oh the art. Most of the paintings you've seen on the walls of Kamini's home are her own work.The sandblasted glass artwork you see next to the silver lamp in the picture above was made by her as part of an assignment for design school.

Her home is full of colorful, thoughtful little vignettes, touches that suggest that this home is loved, and lived in.......

Her colorful collection of glass bangles, as much a work of art displayed on the wall as they are on the wrists.

The spice corner, there's a story behind the traditional spice box, I'm sure!

All lined up! Her tiny succulent garden!  :)

Gentle reader, I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! Kamini has only just settled in, she hasn't lived in this house for more that a few weeks and already has it looking like a home. :) Knowing her, I can only imagine how much there is still left to uncover. I hope she will continue to inspire and the posts on her home (and on her blog!) will keep on flowing.....

Kamini, thank you for opening your beautiful home to us. It was an honor to feature your home here.

Kamini's previous homes have also been featured here, here, here and here. You can find Kamini here:

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Monday, July 9, 2012


Hear that? that's the sound of me opening the squeaky doors to this poor neglected blog. That's me in the corner (no, not losing* anything, really) just fighting off the cobwebs, throwing back the curtains, and *aaah-choooo* lifting off the dust-covers. Careful with that dust, it'll get in everywhere! Holy $^!*.  About time someone stepped back in here and cleaned things up. Grumble. I blink my eyes for one second and this blog's going to ruins.... let's just fix it with a pretty picture or two, shall we?


There. Much better. :)

Yup, I'm back. From where you might ask? the not-so-glamorous answer: nowhere in particular.  :(  I just had a bad case of blogger burnout so be gentle with me, please? It really has been ages (okay, closer to four months. five.), and I missed blogging. I know I should probably give some explanation, but why go there now? maybe later?

Right now, presuming there's still someone out there (hello? anyone?), why don't we get the conversation started? It's really been ages I have so much catching up to do.........I hope I'll see you here on the blog. Do drop in and tell me how you're doing. :)


* A not-so-subtle reference to this song. Anyone else remember them?
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