Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Turning the ordinary...

...into something remarkable!

I have to warn you girls...this next picture may have you scrambling for the dhobi's (laundryman's) stall...

 This brass beauty can be purchased here on Etsy. Would you?


  1. It's beautiful :)I love using old everyday objects as accent pieces around the house.
    Happy holidays, btw!!

  2. Nah! I think I'll get myself a miniature version of it though :) But the wonders of Etsy, I say!

  3. ooh i think i would.....although i'm looking for a temple bell first.

  4. such an amazing idea! I can think of other 'vintage' things (that we would normally consider junk) being used in this unique way. I think my next India trip will have custom's officers looking askance inside my baggage!! ;)


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