Monday, December 20, 2010

Rah, rah!

Hello dear blogosphere, how is the countdown to the new year working out for you? Today, I've been sitting at the computer for what seems like eternity. Forms to be filled, bills to be paid, appointments to be made rescheduled, a million emails to be written and answered (not all of them personal); visits to the bank and post office and grocers are all snapping at my heels. Tomorrow, as they say, is another day. I hear several other bloggers and friends caught up in "the dance" and despite the busy-ness I can't help but feel a smile curling the corners of my mouth as I write to you. I realize now that this is my happy place, this little window on a platform called blogger. This, then, is what has been on my mind lately.............

Sometimes, I feel as though I have my own personal cheering squad (hence the post title) in the blog world. Weather dragging you down?--there are posts timed just right to pull you out of the glum and gloomies. Can't plan what to have for dinner? for snack? hit the blogs---droolicious recipes and pictures to send you scrambling for the kitchen...and these are recipes tried and tested by people like you and me---no fancy shmancy chefs with television shows and websites you can drown in! Stuck in a wardrobe rut?--feel like you wear that "uniform" every day of your life?---ideas galore on the fashion blogs on how to remix it to the max! Clever DIYs, intelligent writing, a large dose of humor, poetry, book recommendations, it's like I have everything I need (apart from maybe extra time?) a mouse-click away.....internetz, I love you. Bloggers, you make my life complete---and you do it with that critical human element that's missing in magazines or newspapers. I feel like I know you. Heck, I do know you, because you pour out your heart into each line that is written....

Because it's the final weekend round-up for '10 over at Patty's blog, I want to invite you into the weekend that was....a table piled high with papers and forms, giftwrap sitting in the corner, ribbons pulled out of the stash to be matched up to my eco-friendly giftwrap option (I won't disclose it on the blog yet because a certain someone reads it) can I admit to the last wild dash for gifts--luckily the streets were clear of traffic on Sunday afternoon. I was in and out with military precision!! :D Here are some more holiday pictures from my home (the tree is finally up, yay!--I'll take pictures and post them up here soon)...

There was cooking (and for once I managed to get a pretty "before picture" --before it went into the oven that is!!! LOL! we attack grub like we've been starved for ages here on P&P central. Heh heh. you see before you pictures of my just risen "everything" focaccia before it went into the oven--I used AP flour, but I have used a mixture of AP/whole wheat flour earlier, it comes out great! Nothing like freshly baked bread! Don't have after pictures, but you can use your imagination! :D

Sunday brunch with: red onions, rosemary, sesame, parmesan, garlic, fresh basil and loads of EVOO....... yummmmmmmmm. An excellent tutorial for basic focaccia can be found here. I make mine with about two cups (just adjust the amounts accordingly)

Started on a DIY that I've been meaning to do for ages. Sneak peek for now........ reduce,  reuse, recycle, upcycle...........

This, and madness, happily cohabited my weekend. How was yours?


  1. what a lovely weekend that was,except for the part about poring over bills:)

    the focassia looks appetizing, its 5 am in india, and i am sooo hungry!!!

    can't wait to see how ur DIY turns out!

  2. GB, I have no new year count down... you can guess why....Now I have only a day which is racing nearer to me and making be busy to busier in every single moment....the heck of packing is kind of choking down the festive spirit...still bought a small Christmas tree to make the spirit bright and enjoy it with my family mainly with the little one....
    Loved the ornaments...

  3. What is that delish thing? I wanna eat it up! And yes I agree with you . Blogging completes me too ... so much more interactive than magazines. People literally speak out from the screens! :)

  4. you make even "busy" sound good and happy :)

  5. @Sharon: thanks! :)
    @Kamalika: last year, on this date, I remember packing up, with a heart as heavy as lead. Yes, the memories linger on, but you must believe me when I say that this too shall pass. It'll be okay, have hope. All our best wishes are with you.
    @Sudha: :D
    @tanvi:Focaccia, made pretty much the way you make it (only the toppings are extra!)
    @scribbler: I've been forced into idleness more times than I like to remember. I hate it. Busy-ness is where it's at babe! I'll create chaos because that's where I thrive.

  6. I hope to receive some gifts too amid all the wrapping up that you are doing:)Your Sunday brunch looks awesome.No matter how busy you are..u seem to be enjoying too:)

  7. your weekend looks & sounds great! I have never attempted making bread at home, must try this!

  8. Can't agree more - Blogging completes me as well. That looks yum!!! How do you find(or squeeze) the time to do the DIYs?

  9. That foccacia looks heavenly, I can just imagine the lovely baking smell permeating through the house as its cooking! Also love the ornaments....!

  10. conincidence coincidence am also baking focaccia today...just shaped the dough and now its rising. love your Christmas tree decor items...cute.

  11. @Tanvi: I hope so too! :D One is in the mail right now. :)
    @Prachi: you must --easiest thing ever. I think I forgot the link to the recipe. I'll just post it up here, sorry, getting scatterbrained!
    @Geeta: let's just say I'm very good at starting projects----completing them?--that's another story.
    @Kamini: it was yumm.
    @Sayantani: great minds and all that jazzz.... :)
    @Jazzy E. hello, welcome to my space.

  12. The ornaments are so pretty! Enjoy your busy-ness.Only lucky people get to have their hands full. :-)

  13. Gagan, first of all, you write very wonderfully.
    The bread looks so wants the recipe, pls do post the link. I've been meaning to bake bread at home since long, the picture of the focassia is very tempting.
    Looking forward to pictures of your completed DIY.

  14. @Pree: I know!
    @Neha: I posted the link up there---thanks for reminding me to! :)


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