Monday, January 17, 2011


And graciously accepted...the Stylish blogger award!! Three stylish ladies appear to think so, so I'm accepting before they change their minds LOL! So in order to (graciously) accept the award I need to disclose seven things about myself and pass it forward to seven stylish bloggers. First up, I need to thank Satrupa@ Food for Thought, Evie@Post-College Working Girl and Sundeep@Designwali for the sweet mention+awards! Thank you, my sweets---I shall try to live up to the honor! :D

I have been tagged/awarded earlier and tho' I was very wary of it initially I'm finally getting round to accepting it as an occupational hazard a part of blogging. Since I wasn't very amenable to the award the first time around, I have decided to mend my ways and become a reformed woman(new year , new beginnings.....yada yada yada). You see before you a woman resolute in her determination to not only not buck the rule (read that three times, fast!) but to sweetly rise to the occasion *cue some sweet harp-type music*....yes, the halo is definitely in place.

But I still need to cough up seven things you might not know about me.................

1. I make a trip to the library every Tuesday/Wednesday. My bag is as heavy going in as it is coming out (I do the library round for the entire family). Libraries are a blessing, tax dollars really well spent and I wish people would use them more. I had an independent membership to the British council library in Delhi from the day I entered college to the day I left Delhi. It used to take me an hour and a half to get there (Delhi traffic was abysmal back in those days!!!--please note: I'm hoping things have improved).

2. While in hostel, the thing I used to crave most was simple home made khichdi. I haven't had it in almost eight years now. I'm hoping I will get to taste some soon. While on the subject of strange food cravings I used to crave meetha bun with amul butter when I first moved to Canada. I try not to think of butter anymore (and, to be honest, don't really miss it all that much).

3. One of Delhi's best kept secrets is the crafts museum on Bhairon marg, on the Pragati Maidan grounds (at least it was the best kept secret till a certain very chic lady decided to shop there!) I wonder how the experience has changed over the years that I've been away. This was the destination for craft lovers before dilli haat usurped the title (I find dilli haat  a little too "staged" for my liking, but I'll still shop there(!!!)

4. I sit with a box of kleenex for most books and movies that aren't classified as  comedies or thrillers. I cried straight through "The Kite Runner" (and I finished it). I'll probably read it again some time in the future. If I tell you I loved a book, I probably cried while reading it. (Such a sap!) :D While on the subject, I hate horror movies--they don't spook me, I just get irritated.

5. I can eat alone, always could..........most afternoons I just gobble down my lunch, get it out of the way so I can use my time elsewhere.

6. I love sitcoms--hubby and I can watch back to back Seinfeld/Friends/Raymond reruns. Current favorites "The middle", "modern family", "Big bang theory" and "how I met your mother"..... we're also a little addicted to american pickers. TV is a social activity for me. I can't watch it alone.

7. Both hubby and I are also addicted to the comedy central presents series.

There. That wasn't so hard!!!!

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That's it, signing off,

yours etc.................


  1. i'm a huge library person as well! lovely!

    xo Alison

  2. Seinfeld! True to my heart! Lovely reading all these interesting things about you :). And so sweeeeet, thx a bunch for the mention :)

  3. I cant eat alone. I need someone with me to eat properly.
    love this post as it helps to know one of fav blogger much more.
    love you Gagan.

  4. ha! You're my twin!! I was nodding my head to each and every one of your confessions!! LOVE heart was wrenched reading Kite runner but I did finish it...hate horror movies.... love khichdi...... yes, eating alone is just something that needs to be done fast and gotten out of the way.... LOVE Raymond, Modern Family and the middle.... I would add Frasier from my side too. Am currently watching all the seasons from Netflix!!

  5. Wow, its goood to know you:-) Thank you for the award. I am honored!! Hope you get to Delhi soon and visit your fav haunts.

  6. Enjoyed getting to know you more! :) We and Hubby love watching sitecoms back to back too ! :)

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  8. I am a big library person too and can't agree more on the communal aspect of tv watching.

    Thanks for the award. That's sweet of you.

  9. I love American Pickers too! My boyfriend and I always watch it!

  10. hey, loved reading this one. And seems like we have a lot in common. Anything I enjoy (movie or book), would have made me cry. And yes, I think TV watching is a social activity too...but this thought causes a lot of "anti-social" behaviour in my house, as my hubby thinks otherwise :)

  11. Thank You for the honor and for letting us get to know you better! I guess I need get to work!

  12. Aw, I'm honoured! I love sitcoms, too! Barney Stinson is my hero. :)

  13. Gagan, I can't tell you how honored I feel to be one of the seven bloggers that you have tagged. Thank you!


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