Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy middle-of-the-week-day......

Happy Today, gentle reader! Wondering why I'd no-show you all week and then turn up on a random wednesday? I really have no answer, other than I'm sorry for the sporadic is just a little busy at the moment (and, to paraphrase a dear friend, "Busy's good".) Just wanted to share some pictures of the sunlight-dappled view from my blogging chair....

Images: Happy plants on the computer table in my study/home office.

Nothing can beat sunlight on a winter's day can it? Hope you're enjoying some too, in your corner of the world, wherever you are......


PS: Oh and in case you miss some of my design picks from around the web, there's always my Tumblr for that perfect dose of pretty!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

All creatures great and small.....

Happy Thanksgiving, my friends...........

Do remember to set some time aside to reflect on all you're thankful for this year. I know I will.


Photo: Critter on my deck. We call him "Bushy".  ;)

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life (or something like it....)

Had to share this quote with you. kind of explains where I'm at right now. Or not.

"My own life is full of these comparisons and contradictions. My father smears red paste on the forehead of small deities each morning. He sits cross-legged and sings along to devotional songs. I sit on a Herman Miller chair, use digital tools, and blare New Order songs, the whole while illustrating Hindu deities. He does his pujas twice a day and I try to do a little work before and after my day job every day. My father animates his faith through meditation and ritual. I use my Techincolor tools to reincarnate modern avatars. In my opinion we're both devoted and reverential, just in different ways, and for different reasons. We're also both continuing a tradition of art making and worship that stretches back thousands of years. What could be more common to the human experience?"
-Sanjay Patel; quoted from here, in the news and at his website.

Going off on a tangent, a whole host of cliches come to mind. "Work is worship" anyone? :) or perhaps, you'd like Khalil Gibran's version of the sentiment? Whichever way you put it, you can't help but agree.

And, a lovely video to go with those words (totally not related, but this is what I'm listening to as I'm putting together this post........)

Hope you're having a lovely Sunday!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

{Insert smiley face}

Hello my sweets! How are you? I've had a very productive weekend--we finally tackled the "junk room" where every wayward box had landed following our epic move this summer. The room is beginning to look like a room again, and though there's still TONS to be done, at least we can now navigate our way around it (yes, it was standing room only! NOT for the faint of heart! :D) Do you have such spaces in your home? --the dumping ground where everything that may-come-in-handy "someday" goes to rest? I feel the tone of this past week has been "get it done" and that's such a relief! My handsome handy man (a.k.a the husband) patiently put up the artwork and pictures, and it's beginning to look a lot like home around here! :)

Moving on, I thought you'd like to see some pretty pictures I took this afternoon. Earlier this week, I'd won this table runner from Saffron Marigold over at Christine's blog, Bijou and Boheme (if you don't read it yet, you absolutely must check it out--it's chock-full of eye candy!). I just wanted to take some pictures as a thank you to both Christine and to the team at Saffron Marigold. The runner turned out to be even better than it appears online--for one, it had that subtle scent that I've always associated with hand-block printed textiles (do you know what I'm talking about?--it's like that old book smell, very indefinable but laden with memories? If you have no idea what I'm prattling on about, let's just say it's nice, kind of the opposite of chemical fumes.) Sorry to go all weird on you! :)

I also loved the weight of the runner: it has a nice sturdy backing to ensure that it stays in place. Very nicely made. This was a freebie, won in a giveaway, but I'm sure I'll go back to Saffron Marigold as a paying customer in the future. (In case you're wondering, I wasn't asked or paid to write these things--I just liked what I saw and I thought it would be nice to give an honest review.)

Full disclosure: These photos are kind of totally "staged" --I took them in my living room because of the better lighting in there. In the picture: Ruby Kilim table runner, goddess Lakshmi wooden block, my mom's necklace and some random shells and pebbles.
Another view:

So. How did your weekend go?

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Where did the week go?

Whoosh! That was the sound of my week zipping past.........the past few days weeks have been a little crazy to say the least. I finally had some time to myself today and I'm planning to savor each moment in the next couple of hours before the madness starts again. :)

And what better way to unwind than catch up with friends? The past two hours have been admirably employed, playing catch up with long-overdue phone calls and emails. Though I'm not quite done ticking the emails and promises-to-be-kept off the list yet, I'm getting there! (can you tell I'm very pleased with myself?--excuse me while I pat myself on the back.) And so here I am, playing hookey, duly fortified with tulsi-chai and pistachios, and I'm wondering how you've been...

As you can see, I'm mastering the art of killing time. :) Playing with tea cups can be quite therapeutic! (Hey! NO smirking!) We've been having a few days of glorious weather (no, the snow storm didn't reach this far north!) and my bloggy avtar just couldn't let a sunlit window go undocumented. :)

OK. Break over. Chores and more beckon...... 

Hope you're doing good! Do drop in to say hi if you can!!

PS: Any new music that I should know of? I'm quite enjoying the catchy beat on this song lately.

That's it. Gotta run now....xoxoxoxo.....
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