Welcome to my little magic carpet, powered by google! I'm Gagan, your friendly pilot in these vast interwebs; art, design, decor, food, good books and music make my life richer and I'd love to share some of the joy.........So hop on aboard and we'll go exploring a world full of inspiration... I may meander a bit, but I promise the journey will be fun…(oh and you can totally lean back, kick off those shoes and prop those tired tootsies up on the pillows, 'coz I'm hospitable like that........... :)

About me: I was born and raised in India and currently live in midwestern USA the gorgeous New-England region of the US with my family. I wear several hats at a time...mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend..... which I like to juggle around with dreamer, consultant, confidant, believer, achiever, connoisseur, cleaner, chef, manager, chauffeur, gardener, butler, hostess with the mostest, story-book reader and tucker-iner, accountant,  amateur gardener, shoveler, car mechanic (OK, I know how to change that spray fluid thingy, but since I'm plumping up my resume, why not mention it? :D), planner, plotter(!!), maximalist, superwoman-wannabe, superwoman for-a-day, party planner, tree hugger, peacenik...... you get the picture? I also think I'm heeelarious, (you don't have to agree here!) :D ), but I cry like a baby for sad (and not-so-sad) movies...

Art inspires me. A well-written book can make me go weak in the knees. So can a cup of steaming hot chai. I love anything handmade, and am an indiscriminate acquirer discerning collector (who am I kidding?). There's always music in my world, playing in the background, somewhere. (That somewhere may just be in my brain, yes, even while I'm talking to you.) My memories revolve around food, sounds, scents and words; hopefully I can draw you into my world with some of these.......

Contact: Are you an artist? do you create? decorate? craft? cook? DIY? I would love to hear from you, and so would my friends! Send me pictures of your work, your home, your cozy nooks...and I will happily post them here. Go on, inspire!!!

You can reach me here

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 All images are copyrighted to the original authors. All pictures in this blog, other than my own, are credited to the original source. Regarding pictures taken by me: the blog is covered under the creative commons license, which in plainspeak means that you may use these pictures, just please be kind enough to credit them back to me (please provide a link to this blog). Also do drop me a note, I'd like to know who's getting inspired out there... I try my best to source back to the original and so should you. It literally takes seconds. Be kind. It's good karma!
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