Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Playing tag.......

So I thought I'd (finally!) get around to tackling the various tags and awards that have been bestowed on me*!!! Since I haven't been very punctual with these, I need to start at the very beginning (which IS a very good place to start!). This is my dear friend Patty's tag from a couple of months back (!!).

Patty: What’s a perfect styling for you?

Perfect styling for me is not about money. I'm not big into designer labels but if I see quality that is affordable, I'll snap it up!! In clothing, I'm very laid back, its mostly jeans and a tee or tunic for me. I like to dress it up with a little sparkle or a bright scarf. In the colder months, I'm usually found buried under layers of warm stuff--I get really cold! I love to dress up in Indian clothes every once in a while and I'll go the whole hog--with bindis and bangles and pretty earrings!! The key for me is adding accessories, but I don't overdo it....nothing can kill a look faster than too much of anything. It's either a scarf OR a necklace. If it's a turtleneck, I'll usually go with bold earrings. For instance, I'd wear this with jeans......

My brown linen shirt, peacock earrings (these get worn a LOT!) and my brass bracelet.

Styling around the home would be about comfort and practicality. With two boys (one six year old and one much older (!!), I need to have a home that can handle the everyday occasional projectile. It also has to have that personal connection for me.  You can also see snippets of my home in some of my earlier posts here. I need to have lots of green (the live variety!--though I wouldn't mind some of the other stuff too!) around me and my home is full of plants- some thrive, some I mange to kill. I never give up. 

Some lucky bamboo cuttings that I'm trying to grow!

A cozy corner reflected in the entrance mirror.

My entryway--utilitarian, but not drab. Holder for mail, glass dish for keys, under the demi-lune table are two baskets, one for mittens/scarves (and the occasional helmet) and another one for umbrellas. Also visible in the reflection--my darling husband's contribution, the gallery wall. While I gave up in frustration after (days of!) measuring and laying out, he just stepped in and eye-balled the whole thing! I think it took him all of half an hour to do what I couldn't commit to in weeks of plotting and planning. (Now you know why I married him!!) :)

Patty - On what do you spend most of your money?

That's an easy one--my home!

Patty - What's your favourite song at this moment?
Gah! I can't name just all depends on my mood!! I love music and my tastes range from this to this. Oh and I love this and this and this. If I had more time I'd start a music blog as well (actually I have opened one, but just haven't had the time to work on it!)

Patty - Which excellences do you think you have?

I'm good at stuff. I don't know about excellent tho'. I'm a good cook, I'm good at my job, I'm good at doing stuff I want to do. I'm also pretty good at evading stuff I don't want to do.

And oh, I'm also good at kicking back and lazing! :)

Patty - And what are your failings?

Temper! Red-hot, white-hot temper! And Procrastination!

Patty thanks for inviting me to this one--you were right, it was fun! :D

Now for the next tag/award by the sweet Kanika of ...And Another blog! I just need to disclose seven things about myself that you might not know! Here goes:

1. I don't particularly like some games ( like tag!). But I love other games. Like chess--I can play it all day, it relaxes me.

2. I'm a bit of a germ-o-phobe. I carry two types of sanitizers in my bag, there's another sanitizer in my car, one by the door, one in my gym bag, and I can't go to the park without one.
Related note: I wash my hands incessantly. They're dry and cracked and have little chippy flakes of skin. No wonder. Related/unrelated note: I'm happy to let the kid play in the mud. I've never stopped him from jumping in puddles either--he's a kid and this is what kids do. He gets dunked into the bath after playtime and that cleans him up. (Only one bath a day!).

3. I used to drink gallons(!!) of tea when I was younger. My nickname in college had -tea suffixed to it. I now drink up to three cups a day.

4. I never cheated in any of my, not even in elementary school. I got where I am on my own hard work and I'm really proud of it.

5. I hate going to the dentist. I cry. I get grey hair the day before I have to go to the dentist's. (My dentist laughed so hard when he heard this that his goggles nearly fell off!)

6. I'm a control freak. I need to be in control all the time. I'm the worst back seat driver ever. Related/unrelated note: That's why I don't drink---I HATE that feeling of losing control over my senses. I also discovered that I hate NO at the dentist's even more than I hate pain and so I don't take it.

7. Small courtesies are very important to me--I like to dole out my thank yous liberally. I also stop for pedestrians and return shopping carts to their corral. A little kindness goes a long way as far as I'm concerned.

8. I have a bit of a rebellious streak in me. I may break rules from time to time. See? I just broke one. I'm about to break another rule and not nominate anyone in particular. I'm opening up the tag to all of you!

The latest award was bestowed on me by the lovely Emreen of Liven Things Up: thank you, shukriya, merci beaucoup!! and I would like to pass it on to all of you, my lovely readers-who-are-bloggers-as well!!

And that dear audience, winds it up for now! I'll be back later with a lovely is your week going so far?

*Yes, I know I have a tag-free, award-free thingy up on my blog, but I was tagged nonetheless....and I felt really guilty turning down perfectly nice folks for my silly whims and fancies!!

All pictures (those without credits) taken by me. Please write in if you need to use them.


  1. Nice lists :)...sounds very much like what i could have freak and shopping cart thing (smiles)

  2. Oh my God GB!!! those peacock earrings - just so classy, beautiful, exotic - words cannot describe them, love the foyer wall. Control freak, hot tempered, hate going to dentist, rebellious streak - sounds very familiar :-).

  3. Love your earrings and the entryway! Loved hearing more about you! You sounds someone I know [ME!] ... But I do not have any problem with the Dentist though. I go just to hear that I have perfect teeth [Showing off? Yes! :P]

  4. lovely post ...great pictures ...loved those peacock earrings ...I agree with just put a smile on my day too

  5. What a post...learnt so much about you..Love the peacock ear rings ..they are beautiful..splurling on home...same here..bamboo ...same here...buddha of all kinds..same here hygiene..same here :)

  6. Nice put up GB as tempered, control are just like me dear !!:)...
    Loved all those pics from your home-sweet-home...

  7. FUn post! Thanks for sharing...I've been tagged too...need to get to it!

  8. It was nice to know more about you GB. Those earrings are beautiful!

  9. ha ha ha... finally.. about time!! Loved this post..

  10. Nicely written, as always. Loved the pictures from your home. Bubbling with personality that is YOURS.

  11. lovely read and lovely snippets from your home.beautiful dear

  12. Nice one GB....and those peacock earrings are absolutely gorgeous.... wow!!!

  13. My, we seem to have a lot of hot-tempered bloggers here! Hmmmm!! Interesting! *huge grin* Loved reading ALL your comments!

    Thank you all for your sweet comments! :) I get a lot of wear out of those earrings in winter beacuse my winter wardrobe consists of turtlenecks in every shade of blue and green!!

    @Tanvi: I used to have perfect teeth too, when I was your age! :)---sound like your granny don't I? :D This recent visit was to repair a tooth that I broke in a fall. Long story.

  14. I loved the post! And our music tastes match perfectly! I hope we bump into each other sometime in some part of America. Would be lovely :)

  15. Nice to know a little more about you. Gorgeous pictures of your home.

  16. P.S. I never cheated on a single exam either. Three cheers for us!


  17. One more thing...I forgot to mention how much I LOVE those peacock earrings.

  18. You may not enjoy playing tag my dear but I really enjoyed reading the tidbits about you :):). I am also real glad you didn't tag me ..hahaha! I don't like playing this game either :).


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