Sunday, December 11, 2011

Notes from today.....

Soppy post alert! Dear reader, I'm issuing a disclaimer for this post, so know that you're reading at your own risk. This would be the kind of stuff that pours out after you've had  "one too many" of your choice of poison, but the strange thing is that as I sit here writing this, the sun is shining outside and I'm as clear-headed as I'll ever be. (dry eyed? maybe not, but clear headed for sure. ) What's that you say? bah, humbug? you were warned.

That time of the year again, tying up loose ends, trying to make sure that I start the new year with a clean slate, my list of to-dos from the whole year waiting to be crossed, one line at a time. Luckily for me, the list is mostly one of gratitude; thank yous to people who stood by us. Those who brought smiles to our faces, just with the shared memories of beautiful conversations. Small acts of kindness, that warm the heart even now, months and years since. It's a long list, (yes, I know. we're blessed.) It's a month that's jam packed with catching up with friends, re-connecting lives one last time before 2012 rolls along. Little bundles of love, most of my gifts this year are handmade, tailor-made for the recipients. Far more rewarding than getting those lack-luster gift cards at the checkout. This is a group of extraordinary ordinary people and they deserve so much better. I'm glad I had the opportunity (and time!) this year to actually do things I'd never had time for earlier. It lends to closure in one sense , but also leads to new beginnings. And I love it all. I'm ending this year with a heart full of gratitude and warmth, something I hadn't experienced earlier and it's a beautiful feeling. Do you know what I mean?

Of course you do! A huge part of that circle of friends has to be you dear reader. I know I haven't always done right by you and that I've been an errant blogger, but there you are, like a loyal friend, your support all around me. Thank you. (I'll hold off on the promises, though.)

Things look much better with a bunch of friends by your side! 

The rest of December promises to be spent in a whirl of get-togethers, holiday parties and snatched cups of chai. For those who are too far away to sit across a table from, there are emails and letters and phone conversations. There are also plans for the future, the euphoria of new beginnings. Twenty eleven didn't start out the best,  but it sure did end right. Here's to the rest of 2011 holding up to the tempo and to 2012 aiming to outdo it. ;)

PS: In case you're wondering if this is the last post for 2011 from P&P, it's not. I have a slate to wipe clean remember? That means a flurry of posts as I clear the backlog on those half-written drafts. Yes I'm working on the rewrite......

Picture: The upstairs landing at home, right outside the master bedroom. Don't get much sun here, hence the lighting issues.


  1. Even though you disappear without warning :-(, you do make up for all that absence with such loving posts that are always so personal and connecting. But we like to read from you more often :-).

  2. Yes new beginnings, a new hip, my back will be stable and straight. Strong and determined!! So much to be thankful for!!

    Thank you for entering My 12 Days of Holiday Giveaways! So many unique gifts!


    Art by Karena

  3. lovely sentiments!! Looking forward to digging into your complete drafts now!

  4. Hey! Also, do show us the handmade stuff!!

  5. what a heartfelt share the gifts you've crafted


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