Monday, December 12, 2011

A home with history on Heart Home Magazine.

In case you missed this, I just wanted to pop in with a quick post on this gorgeous home that's been featured in the second issue of Heart Home magazine....(which, by the way, I'm quickly falling in love with--it speaks to my aesthetic sensibilities the way no other online 'zine does,  at least not yet.) Anyway, on to the pictures, and the link to the original story.......

I loved the article as well, as it details the lives of the well-traveled couple who have layered their home with memories from their travels. Go read the entire story here. You will not be disappointed, trust me!


  1. Will go check it out!

    I have just finished reading all the catch-up posts. Mustn't let 2011 go by without telling you you have been a great blog friend :)

  2. I wasn't disappointed but so jealous! :P or their finds and all the travel. Lovely home nonetheless!

    ♡ from ©

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  4. Nice pick. I loved the wall masks on your previous post.


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