Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Happy middle-of-the-week-day......

Happy Today, gentle reader! Wondering why I'd no-show you all week and then turn up on a random wednesday? I really have no answer, other than I'm sorry for the sporadic is just a little busy at the moment (and, to paraphrase a dear friend, "Busy's good".) Just wanted to share some pictures of the sunlight-dappled view from my blogging chair....

Images: Happy plants on the computer table in my study/home office.

Nothing can beat sunlight on a winter's day can it? Hope you're enjoying some too, in your corner of the world, wherever you are......


PS: Oh and in case you miss some of my design picks from around the web, there's always my Tumblr for that perfect dose of pretty!


  1. that surely brings cheer. love this idea of a creeper support. need something like this for my ever growing money plant.
    btw just posted something similar too!

  2. Wow...loved that twigs ladder support for your Pothos....

  3. Love the tea art print... simple and beautiful !!

  4. Just fell in love with the twig holder. Good to have you back :-)

  5. That plant is really loving all that sunshine! Picture perfect!

  6. The teacup and the dappled sunshine does indeed give it positive, creative vibes. Its beautiful.

  7. Lovely photos, I agree, nothing beats sunshine on a winter's day.
    Thank you for your sweet comment, Gagan!

    Meera xx

  8. busy is good, but too much busy is never a good thing. i am starting my weekend today and i am glad i have two days of lazy ahead.

  9. Love that 1st photo and the print G! Hope life is going ok? Will call soon!

  10. Cheerful, happpy picture. Love the bright greens and chai cup print.

  11. LOVE that plant. Have been wanting one for ages.
    Post more often...even if it's a pic or two. Always feels good to visit your blog.

  12. Simply-Beautiful is the Chamomile tile! And I love your twig ladder idea for the creeper, must try it out! Have a great Christmas Gagan!


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