Friday, November 26, 2010

Here comes the sun!

*Sigh.of.relief*--three days of sulky stormy weather is just about all I can handle!!! So how was thanksgiving at your end? We had a quiet, relaxed dinner with just immediate family (read: mama bear, papa bear and baby beal!!!) which was a nice contrast to last year's thanksgiving where we spent (a cumulative) two and a half days stuck in various airports around the country!(How bad was it?--the entire airplane load of people clapped when the pilot managed to land the plane safely---I had this guy sitting across the aisle from me--white knuckled and  muttering prayers under his breath---the tiny little plane was being tossed around something fierce in the storm! My son slept through the whole thing and though I was calm, I just wanted to get back home and sleep too!!!).

So anyway, I would recommend a nice day IN if you can mange it....yesterday was perfect --I cooked a nice dinner, we did some crafts, I manged to read a bit and at present both papa bear and baby bear are snuggled up in their respective corners reading their books for the day (yes, we're using black friday to chill at home!). The perfection of the day makes me want to sing (you don't want to hear it---trust me!!)'s nice to have a day with no "agenda" !!! LOL!

So I'll leave you on this perfect day with some shots from around home as the morning light streamed in the windows...

My happy Coleus, drinking in the sun!

As I run out of floor/window space for my plants, I'm thinking of going vertical! Especially since I'm running amok, making little cuttings and starting new plants all over the place! *grin*

Yes I changed my entryway display-again! LOL! --I think I have too much free time *smiles*.

I'd LOVE to know-- how has the week been treating you? :)

PS: I hope to be back later this weekend with another home tour that I'm working on. I also wanted to put in a few announcements: I wonder if you remember the immensely-talented jewelry designer from this post? Amrita has recently started retailing in Bangalore, at a store named "The Orange Bicycle". If you loved her work, you now have a destination to buy it from!

I also wanted to let you know that there's another CSN giveaway happening here in blogland. This time hop on over to Pree's blog to enter for your chance to win a CSN giftcard!

Plus, If you still haven't entered, don't forget the CSN stores giveaway I'm hosting!


  1. the week has been busy, but fun. the holiday was especially lovely :)

    have a great day, doll!

    xo Alison

  2. I am having an awesome week. A little short on time but you will hear all about it sooon on my blog! :) Glad you had a good Thanksgiving and also that you are feeling well now! :)

  3. I haven't seen your interiors yet Gagan. PLease do a post on your home too. It would be nice to see from where this creative mind works.

  4. I agree with Shweta.Do a tour of your own home too!The weather here is also very weird.I am so craving for cold chilly weather.Not happened yet.Your back okay?

  5. gagan,lovely is the word...gorgeous...

  6. beautiful warm home Gagan. love the entryway with mirror. keeping the plant like this is a great idea for homes like mine where the baby loves to pluck the leaves if placed within his reach.

  7. I love your home, though havent seen much of it. :-(

    The weekend beginning has been great. Both of us wiped a pakora platter last night with oodles of green chutney. :-)

  8. we had a nice quite holiday...and i have been playing musical chair with my plants as well..:)...nice pics G...and hey what plant is that ..the one perched on a shelf...:)

  9. Oh my gosh.. you didnt go shopping?? I heard black friday is all about going shopping.. Dont tell me you didnt hit the shops.. :-(

    Anyway.. I can see a very pretty wall with loads of frames in the background.. huuummm... Dont hide it anymore please!! :-)

    Have I told you.. I love that elephant?? I had a similar one from Sri Lanka.. which my daughter has managed to brake..

    Hope you had a relaxing weekend.. and are enjoying the rest of the weekend.. :-)

  10. @Alison, Thanks! :)
    @Tanvi: Exciting!! and I'm really curious now. :)
    @Shweta: Click on the "my world" link in the labels...most of the good stuff is there (minus the clutter! LOL!)
    @Kasthuri: thanks for dropping in! :)
    @Sumi: see my response to Shweta! Thanks! :)
    @Deepa, thanks sweetie!
    @Pree: Pakoras!! Yumm!
    @Sudha: Musical chairs rock! I'm not sure what the plant's name is--I got it from the grocery store and have seen others like it--next time I'll look at the label and let you know...It's like pothos but it has no variegation and heart-shaped leaves. I've successfully rooted a few of it's offshoots in water and it seems to thrive in the sun. Will keep you posted on this!
    @Patty: Sorry girl for all the delay---I'm still trying to compile them! :( About the elephant--one word(okay, two)--wood glue! Works wonders, trust me. I use gorilla brand!I have a little guy at home who loves to toss various projectiles in the air now and then....most of my stuff has been subjected to target practice now and then! :)
    @Sayantani: They do grow out of that stage(not all for the better, I'm afraid! LOL!), but this is definitely a good idea for your current situation!

  11. It takes a lot of effort not to shop on Black Friday. I don't do much, but I have to get out at least for a bit to see how crowded it is.

  12. I used black Friday to chill as well... would never tackle those crowds!! xo

  13. So glad you were able to chill at home... I've been doing that today, but the rest of the weekend has been a bit more productive than I planned. But it's all good!

  14. PS - forgot to say, how lucky your coleus is, to live with you ;)

  15. Hey, thanks for the tip on wood glue. So the Gorilla brand is good? I have been looking for a good one. Elmer's suck! :)

    These are lovely pictures of your home :)

  16. love that shelf you have for your good to see you blogging away...someone's back is getting better...take care! love.

  17. Oh that elephant! I had one just like that while growing up and then it broke during a house move :( I need to get one again. Didn't realize until I started blogging that I had an elephant fetish!


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