Friday, August 6, 2010

Romancing the stone: Amrita Ghosh

Lovely readers, hello, how are you? Are you ready to step off the wheel and take a breather? Then come join me and we can go visit a very talented young lady in Bangalore. In addition to her day job in telecommunications, she is a trained dancer, she can churn out the most compelling prose, she composes poetry--lovely thought-provoking haiku, captures beautiful photographs, and designs jewelry! It is in her capacity as a jewelry designer that I would like to introduce her to you today, though I would highly recommend that you visit her blog to get to know her better...

Some of you may have already met Amrita Ghosh via Aparna's blog; though I'm sure you wouldn't mind visiting her again, would you? :) As always I do have a a little interview lined up....

GB: Was this your career of choice (did you train to be a jewelry designer?) if not, what inspired you to take the leap of faith?

AG: It wasn't a career of choice. It was like a happy accident, a leap of faith, you can say. Growing up, I had a natural inclination towards art. For example, I am a trained dancer and I love dabbling in poetry. I often designed my own clothes, bags, and, jewellery. I would design for friends and family, on a one off basis. I had a natural eye for cut, color and clarity. It was more like a hobby, art for passion. Then, last year, I was taking a break from work, and, as if by some internal compulsion, I started working on some designs. Before I knew it, I had a full-fledged line of custom, hand-made jewellery, and, Ambrosia was born. So, no, I have no formal training in this field; I romance the stone as I like it. Since then, I have gone back to pursuing a full time career in Telecom & Technology, however, designing custom, hand-made jewellery is a passion that I am dedicated to following. Unlike before, when it was very random, I now try and devote some disciplined time to designing on a regular basis.

GB: All your pieces have a distinctive "feel" to you design in "collections" or is it more instinctive for you?

AG: It's a mix of both. I usually make only one of each piece. However, sometimes, they fall into a broad set of collections like 'Shells', 'Silver Wire Work', etc. and, sometimes, I am guided only by the unusualness of a stone, or, perhaps, there's a story behind a particular piece I picked up, like a Lava stone, or a shocking green Turquoise, or a fossil. It depends entirely on my mood and, sometimes, also the season, which is a fairly standard practice in the designing world.

GB: Where does the inspiration come from?

AG: From everywhere! To narrow it down though, mostly from nature, art, and, random ideas in my head. Inspiration often comes in fits and bursts; you can't force it. And, then once that happens, I get restless till I have the ideas translated into actual pieces.

GB: What next, you'd mentioned plans of setting up an online store...when is it going to make a debut? because after seeing these droolicious pieces, I'm sure everyone will want to know how to get hold of them...... :)

AG: As of now, I have only been selling, by word of mouth. However, I do have plans to launch an online store, primarily to reach a bigger audience overseas. I have also been in discussions with some retail outlets, and, actively considering testing the bigger domestic market via that route. However, I'd love to get feedback; and, if people want to know more about my jewellery, prices, how to buy them, etc, they can email me or reach out to me via my blog.

Tempted? good...go drop in and say hi, I'm sure Amrita would like to get to know you better as well.

Amrita, thank you so much for sharing a facet (pun unintended) of your personality here. I have a feeling we'll be hearing OF you more often in the coming years. Best of luck in all your endeavors....... :)


  1. Thanks much Gagan for the kind words, encouragement, and for featuring me on your blog!!!

  2. very well done~ en route to being a celebrity designer AG. cheers

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  4. Sorry...all kinds of typos in my last comment so I had to delete it! But GB...drooly is right! Awesome stuff, my fav has to be that turquoise and silver necklace, I just LOVE it! Geat post and beautiful jewellry Amrita!

  5. Thanks much Ash & Kamini!

  6. GB, Amrita is a fabulous designer, each of her creation is magnificent with fine craftsmanship, unique style and innovation.I loved them all!

  7. @Amrita: I just had to introduce you to my friends! :) Thanks for sharing..
    @Ashwin: thanks for stopping by!
    @Kamini: I knew you'd like her work. :)
    @Padmaja: I love her eye for design too! :)

  8. *sigh* Im not a jewellery enthusiast at all... But even my heart skipped a beat... while looking at these designs.. gorgeous!!

  9. @all - thank you very much people for the appreciation and support...much valued and treasured :-)

  10. Hy GB,

    First time here...very interesting space you have...fascinating to drool here your happy follower now..;)

    Do drop in at my space sometime.

  11. i adore those second earrings! gorgeous.

    xo Alison

  12. @Anu: thanks!
    @Jay: Thanks for your kind words...welcome aboard! :)
    @Alison: Oh, those are hands down my faves as well! I love malachite! :)

  13. Really beautiful stuff. My fav is the Blue Silver chain and the red earrings.

    But, all your collections are absolutely awsome.

    Rinku !!

  14. @paromita: Amrita's collection is truly beautiful! Thanks for stopping by. :)

  15. The results are beautiful and I'm so pleased this was all the consequence of a 'happy accident' with no big planning or strategy behind it!

  16. Great pieces of "art". Love to have them in my jewelry box and flaunt with each dress.

    Great work, Amrita.

  17. Loved this post GB! Amruta sure is talented ...I especially loved the way she has made such a sophisticated looking butterfly earring set!

  18. @Struggler: Aren't they gorgeous?
    @Pree: I hear you, sister!!
    @Sharon: :D I 'd asked her to choose a few of her favorites and send them over to me...she said it was really hard, and I know why......:)

  19. @all - thanks much indeed for stopping by, and, for taking time to appreciate my work...i would love to hear more from each of you...feel free to drop in to my blog :-) thanks again!

  20. Amitra's work is lovely. Thanks for posting it. :-)

  21. Amrita. These are lovely ..each tell a 'story' .. pls do not fall into the trap of 'improvising' ..just do what you are doing..Will buy one for my GF


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