Monday, November 29, 2010

Crisp winter mornings call for..........

...a cup of chai, and a cozy spot! Sound good? I thought as much! No reason we can't enjoy the weather!

Does the weather still allow you to sit outside in the mornings? If so, consider yourself lucky and make it a place of peace! :) via.

When I grow up, I want a reading nook just like this one--hot pink & fiery red and all the colors in between. via.

 No fireplace? No problem, the radiator is just as warm! All you need is light and a cozy blanket anyway!! (In addition to the chai and good book!) via.

So I realize that this entire week seems to have been devoted to posts mentioning or revolving around the weather (yes, that most cliched of ice-breakers!) :) Sorry to have subjected you to my moodiness--sometimes I just can't help it-- lately I've noticed how sunlight (or lack thereof) seems to affect my mood....Last week however, I had a bit of an epiphany: I was talking to a new friend the other day and I mentioned that it was raining (read: the rain was weighing me down) and her chirpy voice piped up "but I love rain!"....That's when I realized: I guess it's all in the attitude isn't it? Here I was letting the rain rule my mood, when I could just as well gaze out at it (as long as my toes are dry, I'm a happy duck!), make a strong cup of Bru (an Indian brand of coffee+chicory) and whip up some palak pakoras (spinach fritters) for evening tea!! ...and that's just what I did! (Thank you D.!) So today I'm wondering if you'll join me in embracing the cold, being prepared for it--(put on those cuddly woolies), but also reveling in all that it has to offer---after all, endless summers may just be a bit too blah don't you think?

Wishing you happiness, whatever the weather outside may be! Have a great week my loves!


  1. Not only have your tea but also your onion / cheese pakoras and put some instrumental music that reminds you of romantic days and just let your self soak in that blissful atmosphere, Enjoy!!!

  2. oh yellow is definitely the new motto this whole season:)

  3. You may think me crazy, but I am just longing for a nippy toe freezing morning where I can go sit out in the balcony and sip chai! No such luck here in Hyd! That second room....ahhh fabulous! And yellow? Hmmm I can't do it, not just yet! Your friend is right.....don't let the rain get you down. Rain is perfect for hot samosas and chai, winter for hot soups and garlic bread, summer for lemonade and cool salads....! See...there's a reason for everything :-)

  4. You are so lucky.. to have that weather.. stop complaining.. Really!! I'd do anything to be in your place.. Some cold winds.. a little white.. for a few months.. simply wow!!

  5. The joy of living in New England is the change from season-to-season.
    I love that quilt!

  6. Loved that colorful red daybed! And I really wouldnt mind a nip in the's too damn hot here in Pune!

  7. i want that hot pink & red spot too :) may be i will just make one this winter...i am totally enjoying the chilly breeze here & making a big bowl of thai noodle soup almost everyday:)

  8. i love crisp winter mornings too, but in Canada, they turn to icy bone-breaker mornings pretty fast. I wish it'd just move from fall to spring and skip the freezing rain/wintry mix part.

  9. Loving the second picture. I need that day bed in my home now! Have a wonderful day, you!

  10. I guess my son anticipated this post and thats why he spent the whole late afternoon on my blankets outside. though it never gets nippy here but still placed blankets and warm clothes in sun the second room. perfect for a cozy comfortness.

  11. Oh I wish I can still sit outside but its been snowing here in Canada now! Brr.. lovely post!



  12. @Rama: I like to think palak pakoras are healthier ;) LOL!

    @Nisha: Yellow it is, but in small doses for me!

    @Kamini: I don't think you're crazy at all---I used to YEARN for winters while I was in India! and Soup and garlic bread sound lovely!

    @Patty: I hear you! and no more griping, promise!

    @Bruce: I miss the new england air- cool and fresh! :(

    @Prachi: Lucky you, having all those gorgeous textiles so close at hand!

    @Sharon: Sending you a blast of arctic air (okay midwestern!)

    @Niranjana: No stranger to canadian winters here--you say toronto's cold, but have you dealt with "winterpeg"?? LOL! :)

    @Tanvi: Me too--I have to make that daybed happen!

    @Sayantani: aah those days of spreading woolies in the sun. Can't say I miss them, but they sure brought on a wave of nostalgia!

    @ML: thanks for stopping by, Canada sure does get cold! :)

  13. Seriously, yellow is the new black! I looove the color except when for the loud tones! Well as for me, I long for windy days to stand in the patio sipping coffee [crazy me]!

  14. The 1st image- makes me go NOOO! I still can't bring myself to appreciate the freezing NE winter. Spring and Fall I can deal with. I'd rather gladly trade places with Kamini or Patty and 'yearn' for the NY winter that my memory would have romanticized ;) Loved the 2nd image- I would love a spot like that someday too

    - chirpy voice(?)

  15. i love sitting on my porch in the summertime. now? not so much.


    have a lovely day!

    xo Alison

  16. Oh After seeing the pictures I have now too fallen in love with the weather, So no more cribbing ENJOY IT!!

  17. I love those super white walls and doors..with the slash of bright/ pastel colors... looks so winter like!!!

  18. OMG! That yellow wall is taking my breath away. Great find.


  19. Loved the second pic...wonderful!..Have missed your posts for a while (well it was my lappy's fault!!:)

  20. Love the reading nook and I badly want those windows with the same views.

  21. LOVE the red quilt set up. Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could discover yours. I will definitely spend some time looking at all these fabulous design ideas :)


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