Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Colors of Her Life: Preethi's Vibrant Apartment in Bangalore

Hello lovely readers, hope you're enjoying your Sunday--well, it's going to get a LOT better, because we're off to the garden city to catch up with the lovely Preethi at her gorgeous apartment. Preethi describes herself as an interior decorator trapped in the body of an IT professional (sound familiar to anyone out there? :) ) An avid collector, she says:
"My home is like a Kaleidoscope of everything Indian and you can see a piece of my heart in every corner. I have papier mache from Kashmir, woven baskets from Manipur, sandstone sculpture from Orissa, Madhubani from Bihar, Dhokra, sandalwood boxes, chanpatna toys.." 
Her love for Indian crafts is all too evident in her fascinating blog,  Indya Kaleidoscope, where, in addition to handicrafts, she  also chronicles her love of Indian history and architecture. Over time (she's been collecting since she was in college!) her collection has only grown. She says:

"Family and friends have only added more to the collection. Some people may call it clutter, but hey!! I love my clutter :) From the discolored Laxmi frame to the crack in my grandfather's teak chest, I love them all :)" 
A kathakali mask looks on............

Preethi has very kindly invited us into her space, where I'm sure you'll catch a glimpse of her personality reflected in each painstakingly put together corner--welcome to Preethi's world of colors.........

These adorable dolls greet you at the entryway! She had the bamboo demi-lune console made to order from a local artisan....


I'd love to sink into those chairs! What about you?  :) The cushions and those colors are calling my name....... :)

Some more vignettes from around her home......
A certain blogger with a telephone fetish must be salivating over this picture here! :) You're welcome!

Love the glaze on these teacups!

In addition to handicrafts from all over India, she also collects sculptures of her favorite deity, lord Ganesha-- she  says:

"Its interesting to see the number of ways the elephant God is manipulated by man :)."

 Preethi also admits to being fascinated by paintings with doorways...(she has four already!). Here's a picture of one hung over her charming little "baithak" area...Hot pink, vivid yellow, this lady's not shy about using color, and she does it with such élan!
(Some of you may recall seeing this  glimpse into Preethi's lovely home here) Her vibrant home is not just resplendent with colors and crafts; she is extremely eco-conscious as well-- you have to check out this post by her--I love her new composter! Her Flickr stream has a lovely set titled "Earth Hour 2010"---perfect inspiration for next year!!! I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea here, which I'm totally stealing for myself when I manage to make that trip to India. On a personal note,  I have to tell you that this lady with an eye for decorating also possesses a warm personality which totally corroborates the warmth and love you can see scattered around her home.....

I leave you with one small vignette, you really must check out the rest of her work at her flickr site....

I hope you enjoyed the home tour!! Preethi blogs  here and you can view her entire Flickr photostream here for more inspiration (seriously, there were just too many gorgeous pictures to squeeze in one post!). All pictures courtesy of and copyrighted to Preethi Prabhu.

PS: I'm linking back to the sneak peek as well. picture courtesy of Preethi Prabhu.


  1. Thank you so much for this beautiful post. Im truly honored :)

  2. I love the baithak So colorful !
    the painting above the bamboo lune..So tasteful !

  3. I don't think I'm that certain blogger, but I'm definitely swooning over that telephone! I love the row of little elephant gods, too.
    As for being an interior decorator trapped in the body of an IT professional, yes, that comment definitely hit home! That's a big part of the reason I just quit my steady, easy job to organize people's homes full time ;)

  4. You know, Gagan, I think Preethi and I will get along very nicely :). What wouldn't I give to be able to yak with her for hours just on Indian craft and architecture ! I will be able to learn so much from her :). Don't get me wrong, yakking with you is great too :):) ;p

  5. What a beautiful home. Love the colors and the chairs with the cushions are quite nice.

  6. What a lovely home! Love Preethi's collection of masks, dolls and brass figurines...these personal touches are what makes a house a home :)

    Thanks for sharing Gagan!

  7. the glaze on the teacups... love them! and the telephone too!

  8. How colorful and vibrant! Preeti, I stay so close, y don't you invite me.. :)

  9. this young lady is quite an influence in my you and the home dear :)

  10. what a warm & colorful home...a home always speaks about the people who live in it...thanks Gagan for introducing me to Preethi & her home.

    p.s. that telephone!! Drool! Is it edible :)) Your sweet mention of my fetish had me smiling:)

  11. I love this house as am also a Indian handicraft enthusiast Indian rural art n craft...beautiful home...warm, welcoming and thriving with colours.

  12. What a riot of colors. Love Preethi's home, speaks of a lot of warmth and good feeling.

  13. Oh.. what a beautiful home.. Such a gorgeous persons.. gorgeous home.. Love this one!!

  14. Thank you so much all for all the beautiful words on my Home :) It definitely couldn't get better than this. Thank you again Gagan.
    @Al, thank you so much. Both the paintings that you see in the pictures were done by the same artist, Shashank Sharma. The one above the Baithak is a national award winning painting for the theme "Tsunami". The boy is the lone survivor in his family and is sitting at the door of his ruined house and wondering what his future has in store.
    @sans My pleasure. Im sure I will enjoy being your yakking partner :)
    @Rekha, you are welcome anytime. I would love to have you over.
    @Sudha, thank you for being there for me :)
    @Prachi, Im glad you like my phone. You'll be surprised to know that i picked it up for just five Canadian dollars :)


  15. I remember coming across Preethi's pink and yellow baithak previously. I LOVED it earlier and love all the other glimpses to her home now. You have a beautiful home Preethi!

  16. I just caught up with this post! And I think I must catch up with you in Bangalore :)! Such a lovely home Preethi and an amazing collection and display of crafts. Loved it! - Anu

  17. Lovely home!The colors are amazing!I read about her compost two days back in India kaleidoscope.It was a great post!Love to visit her home.Her doll collections took me back to my dolls at my home in India.

  18. A late comer to this post, and kicking myself for staying away from blogland for so long! Preethi, you have a marvelous home, and like it or not, I am dropping in the next time I am in Blore! I loved that last colorful seating arrangement the most! That's where we will sit and chat, yes?:)


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