Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More entryways.....

Oh hello! how are you and how has the week been treating you so far? are you ready to take off those shoes and just lean back? great, because the next home we're peeping in to is filled with warmth and love.....just what you need after a long day at work. Our lovely friend Sudha has made it so welcoming that you may never want to leave!! (But I need you to mind your manners, stay a while, and pull out graciously, for we will be returning to Sudha's lovely home for tea and a home tour in a few days!!).

Some of you may already know Sudha, she blogs over at "The Design Enthusiast", and an enthusiast she is: her posts on Indian decor are extremely informative, meticulously researched and beautifully executed. Her home is warm and welcoming and feels like "home". Let's stop by and say hello, shall we?

Her beautiful entry, all decked up for diwali.

The entry looks just as charming in the daylight!
Love those sweet hanging bells and plants!

A closer look........
Sudha likes to collect turtles--this is her new friend!

She has a sweet rocker sitting next to the entry!! Doesn't it look inviting? (I could sit there for hours!)

Another view. Sudha's artwork hangs up on the wall.

There are so many more stories in Sudha's home, we'll just have to return for the tour!! Meanwhile, why don't you hop on over to her blog and get acquainted? Thank you for sharing Sudha; we'd love to see the rest of your home, the entry has really piqued our interest now!


  1. Oh how beautiful... Its so awesome... that the first pic and second pic.. although the same place.. looks so amazingly different.. Love that rocking chair and painting... I simply love those hanging elephants

  2. Very cozy home Sudha!..loved your diwali pic:)..amazing rocking chair!
    Thanks Gagan for sharing:)

  3. Lovely post, loved the way Sudha has done up her entryway...though I don;t collect turtles, i end up buying them all the time!

  4. I have always loved this shot of Sudha's entryway...great post. Sudha....this is lovely!!

  5. what a pretty entryway! and that rocking chair is such a sweet touch! I can imagine getting back from work, opening the front door and plonking myself there immediately!!!

  6. It looks so welcoming and cozy!

  7. So welcoming and those Diwali lights are beautiful! Yup, I'd be in that rocking chair all day if I could!

  8. I have seen Sudha's home before and love the aestheticism it exudes.

  9. Love this - you're right, I don't want to leave. Maybe after I satiate my curiosity with the rest of the home tour I will be able to leave graciously...until then, I'll just wait patiently in this lovely entry.

  10. Thank you gagan for the lovely feature...it means a lot!!..thank you everyone for being so appreciative and encouraging. I would love all of your company in the blog journey.

  11. And a very special invite to each and everyone who took time out to say such nice things about my entryway :)


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