Monday, September 20, 2010

Entryways, the plot thickens.....

Your entryway, your first impression. What does it reveal about you?  :)  we're travelling to Texas today, to knock on Geeta's door. Does her entry say anything about her? Does it say spunky, fresh? does it tell you that the person who has made this house her home is smart and talented and would probably be the one person in the party able to hold a conversation on many, varied topics? It does, if you look at the clues carefully.............

Geeta, on her front yard: "I love a front yard landscape that is low maintenance and I have a few trees and shrubs that stay all year around."

Stepping up to the door, you're greeted by this little elephant: "A small elephant bell hangs on my door knob and I love to hear the bell ring  every time somebody opens my front door. No way, I would have done this, if I lived in India, where every 10 sec somebody comes over."

LOL! (How true, Geeta, how true!!) and I have to say that I love hearing the sound of my elephant bell too!!

Artwork by her husband's aunt. Pretty sunflowers liven up the console. That lamp looks very interesting!!

Painting on the opposite wall, also made by her husband's aunt. I love it when you have a personal connection with the artwork on your walls, don't you?

Geeta says (and I so hear you on this, Geeta!) that this entryway is often comandeered into a soccer field/tennis court by her kids and husband, but that they do put away the clutter once they're done...that's good to know!! No point having a stressed out mommy/wife, eh?  :) 

Have you visited Geeta at My Cafe Terrace yet? if not, hop on over and say hi! Thanks for inviting us in Geeta!!

Gentle readers, be sure to check back later for more entryways!! And, if you have an entry that may like to see a few more visitors, be sure to send in your pictures!


  1. Loved the pretty elephant and the outdoor beauty to die-for ..just grab a book and relax..

  2. Geeta has a really talented aunt. That front yard is something I will love to miniaturise :).

  3. love the elephant hanging. does it belong to Rajasthan? looks very different though.

  4. loved the entry way!! personalized artwork is a def winner hands down. And geeta is a talented lady i must say...:)

  5. A Ganesha in Texas...gotta love it! Also love the brickwork entryway!

  6. beautiful warm entrance!!

    PS:There is something wrong with the links to her blog.

  7. Lovely post, the entry way looks so warm and inviting..


  8. Thanks girls, I've rectified the links. Sorry about that Geeta!

  9. Lovely post! Love this ... a peek-a-boo into bloggers homes! :) That art work is phenomenal

  10. I have not seen here blog...heading over!

  11. Love that elephant bell. So beautiful.

  12. Oh gorgeous!! absolutely love it!! I love the little elephants.. I must say.. i have the same thing... my little one broke it.. its in more than 10 peices now.. and am finding it so difficult to put them together..

    i absolutely love the art work.. wow!! wow!!

  13. Gagan - Thank you so much for the sweet introduction and for posting my entry way.

    All - Appreciate your comments. It means a lot to me. Thank you!!!

  14. The paintings are fabulous and so is the entryway and the elephant bell...But my favourite has to be the lamp...Thanks for sharing ...What a great way to start my day ....

  15. i love proper entryways. so elegant and fun.


    xo Alison

  16. I just realized I have been stalking you for 2 years now (almost) ... time is flying! :P

    ∞ © ∞


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