Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Falling for fall

Even though we've been having some crazy weather lately (it's supposed to cross 90  tomorrow), fall is here and has been for a while as evidenced by the growing mounds of leaves at our doorstep (we seem to be the magnet for all neighborhood leaves as our home sits in front of a wind corridor, which is fun in summer , but not so much fun in the cooler months. No amount of raking/sweeping/cussing is going to make those leaves go away!!!). Oh well. Fall. I can finally wear my scarves and lust after more on the mighty interwebs. Did you know I have a thing for scarves? There's a practical reason for it, too---I like to keep my neck toasty! but the real reason of course has nothing to do with the practical.....I just love how they look and how they make me feel....

Here are a few of my picks for the season: 

Available here: 1, 2, 34, 56.

I had also mentioned that I would write a post on the company that made this scarf. The company is called Vismaya and it produces these beautiful scarves and shawls. From what I could make out, it retails through other distributors. I'd picked up mine at TJ Maxx. Hopefully as Vismaya gains ground, it'll be able to retail online. You must check out the website tho' because they have some gorgeous designs and fabrics!

Image credit: Vismaya.

Lusting after this scarf right now. Love that frayed edge, and the double-dyed wool and the color. (Very reminiscent of expensive pashminas)

I have to say that this is the season that Delhi/any other city in India will be crawling with craft bazaars and if you're in India and you're into scarves/shawls, you're going to have the time of your life! What about you gentle readers, are you into scarves? Will you be coming home with any?


  1. I love # 3 and of course clicked on it and it was of my favorite stores. I love it! And I will definitely check out the website you recommended too. naina

  2. I like that last one and #3 tooo!! Want NOW!

  3. I SO love the last one! so exquisite!!

  4. The scarf post is finally up.. And I finally get to know the brand name :)

  5. I was so glad when scarves were back big time a few years ago. Can't really believe these can even go in/out of fashion.

    Will check out the website for the scarves.

  6. I'm glad to know there others out there who share my obsession!

    @Naina, Tanvi: Anthro carries the best stuff! :)
    @Prachi: the last one is my personal fave's so elegant!
    @Divya, sorry, I've had a lot on my plate the last few days, I'm trying to make up on lost time! :) Another brand I forgot to mention was Tolani scarves...also at TJ Maxx (though they do retail elsewhere, they were actually affordable @ TJMs!)

    @ Geeta, yeah me too...I've actually worn scarves and shawls most of my life (I had a major jholawala-angsty phase in college!!)but I've always loved having something cuddly to wrap around myself! Do share pictures of the ones you own/acquire... :)

  7. I am not a scarf person but my sis is big time. :) She will love all your picks.

  8. I like all of them as i am a complete shawl/stole them . I find many good options at the trade fair in Delhi which are quite affordable for me.

  9. Awesome stuff Gagan, I am off to check out the collections.

  10. Wow Lovely scarfs....Love the #6.Great colours.

  11. Wow nice ones, #5 is probably my fav. Sadly tho its way too warm here in Hyd at any time of the year to be wearing scarves....! So most of the ones I own end up being table runners, accessories for beds etc...


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