Monday, September 13, 2010

Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! and Hello Fall! What are your plans this week? I thought we'd visit Mumbai this week, and maybe take in a home tour and visit with an artist/designer in the making? What do you say? are you up to it? Good, I kinda thought you'd say that....... :)

Here are a few gorgeous pictures, to get you in a New York Mumbai state of mind........

The Gateway of India.

Hotel InterContinental.

Crawford Market.

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya.

Bungalow 8.

 Phillips antiques shop.

So, I'm a Delhi-ite at heart (I haven't visited Bombay/Mumbai since I was a kid), but Mumbai is the city of dreams if ever there was one! The subject of countless books, poetry, movies and other expressions of art and passion, Bombay appears to incite the same emotions in the native mumbaikar that New York does for New Yorkers. I sadly, am ill-equipped to wax eloquent on this subject matter as my heart belongs elsewhere; however, you, gentle reader and die-hard mumbaikar--do you have anything to say? We'd all love to hear from you!!!

Stay tuned this week, 'coz we'll be visiting a couple of our blogger friends for a home tour and an artist profile!!!

All Images: Elle Decor.


  1. Looking forward to a great week honey!

  2. Lovely images, looking forward to the house tour.

  3. I always get really excited when you bring us on a tour to India :). Thank you for these pictures. I definitely want to visit the shops if ever I am there.

  4. Nice post !...very close to my heart Gagan...well, you know it !!:)...

    from a Delhi-ite :)

  5. wow lovely pictorial tour of Mumbai...Should I conclude with 'Jay Maharashtra'? :-)

  6. Lovely pics. I SO want to visit Bungalow 8 now!

  7. Awesome post.. Just returning from Mumbai.. I feel like going back already.. Hey.. Cant wait for the home tour.. :-)

  8. wonderful post! hope you're having a lovely day :)

    xo Alison

  9. Hi GB

    Regarding your query about the ingredient , it's raw white rice used here. It has to be ground along the other ingredients , otherwise you can use rice powder if you have that.

  10. Lovely post! I am a Delhite too! :)


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