Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bold and Chic: Mathanki's Splash of Color in Mumbai.

You know I love turquoise, right? When I first saw Mathanki's aqua wall, my jaw dropped and I nearly fell off the chair. This has to be the chic-est apartment ever. When you see the whole home-tour (and I will be posting most of the pictures this time, simply because I cannot bear to edit them out!---so get ready for a picture-heavy post!) I hope you will realize how beautifully thought out and well-executed the whole look is. I'm using the word again-- très chic!! The person behind this transformation is Mathanki, a marketing and advertising exec., who blogs over at "By Two Kaapi N' a Bit of Art".

Now those of you who know Bombay, know it is a tiny city, packed to the gills with people!! According to one wikiAnswer, the size of Mumbai city is, get this, 3 feet by 3.5 inches!! Made you smile, huh? Those of you who have lived there also know that since space is at a premium, as in any other happening city, you need to get creative while doing up your Bombay box. This is how Mathanki describes their challenges and experience:

"Quirky, chic, yet practical- that's what we set to achieve as we began designing our 800 square foot apartment in Mumbai. Apartments in Mumbai are tiny, so we needed to create an illusion of large space by breaking down walls and opening up spaces. We converted the second bedroom to an open study- cum bar, opening yet again to our kitchen and dining.

Although we didn't go overboard coloring every wall, we did want bring in a bit of color in every room. For the living room, we went for a rich dark chocolate texture 'art' wall, which would provide a good contrast to all the framed artworks and prints we plan to put up. The brick wall brought in enough color to the study. As for the aqua- there is no story, except it's my most favorite color! I find my bedroom wall most calming- reminds me of the oceans, reminds me of nature. Aqua unlike most colors is neither too bright and jarring to the eye, nor is it too dark and depressing."
 I think they have achieved what they set out to do. To perfection!

Aqua wall! 'nuff said.

To achieve the aqua wall:
"Regarding the aqua wall, it is a pretty simple technique. We painted the base wall smooth with a darker blue, and for the second layer- very rough brushing over in a lighter blue."

The perfect curtains! I love how they pick out the turquoise and yet let the light in with their sheer gorgeousness!

Approach to the bedroom. Notice how shiny and clean the floors are? That's the way floors are in India--they're usually made of materials like cement or marble or granite---anything that's easy to clean and hardy--its more practical that way. Like having carpeted or wooden floors in colder climes is more practical.


(Click on any picture to embiggen.)

Night stand/shelving.

They carried the aqua into the master bath, but toned it down with some earthy tiles. Love that sink! Love everything here, actually!

Another view.

The stunning dining space and view!

The kitchen: 
That backsplash! *quick intake of breath*

Sweet details in the kitchen: 

It opens out to the bar/study/lounge: 

Other view of the study:

Exposed brick, books, space for the laptop.

Her gorgeous living room:

Modern. Urban. Indian.

Love it. Mathanki, you have a gorgeous home and the creative genius shows through!! 800 square feet of glam if you ask me! Thank you for the knock-your-socks-off home-tour!

One last sweet detail:

You know I'm a sucker for green, right?

All images courtesy of and copyrighted to: Mathanki.


  1. Wow.I went and checked her flickr photos just a few weeks back and fell in the love with her kitchen and the turquoise.Lovely house.

  2. fell "in love" and not in "the love".snicker

  3. oh my never thought turquoise would go that well on a wall..love the 4th pic

  4. Oooh, I love all that turquoise and aqua! What a gorgeous space :)

  5. Turquoise looks so ethereal here.... loved every bit of it.

  6. Lovely colors! You made my day G! Love the turquoise wall.

  7. Love the colors. Simply love them! :)

  8. Oh those walls are beyond gorgeous... Such a cozy cozy home!!

  9. beautiful home. lovely splash of bright hues.

  10. lovely home... speacially the aqua back drop... Gagan just a note... etsy listing done.. since you asked me to let you know:-)

  11. Lovely home tour Gagan!!..loved all the turquoise
    look :)

  12. so fun and colorful and I adore that turquoise! I will check out her blog :)

  13. Serious Gorgeousness in truckloads! Love the aqua, love the modern Indian look, love the green touches ... but just can't believe its an 800 sq. ft. home that I'm looking at!

  14. The minute I saw aqua on my blog page, I had a feeling it was Mathanki's home. Nice post, Gano

  15. Gorgeous color on the wall, the zen living room is so calming and I loved the spectacular view.

    Nice home tour, Gagan.

  16. Can't believe all that chic-ism in only 800 sq ft worth of space :). I must say she made shiny floor hip again :). I have decided to go back to blue again (use to be the only colour I use and then it became the only colour I don't) and turquoise is the reason:.

    Great post!

  17. what a gorgeous home! love the way she has maintained the right balance between the glam n the cozy quotient!

  18. hey ...lively and superliocious!! when are they inviting us over...must see the house in person :)

  19. Very nice, beautiful, colourful and well decorated house. I appreciate for your wonderful taste.

  20. Incredible!!!!! the lines, the blues , the rustic bathroom everything deserves a big WoW!!!!

  21. Ooh!! loved loved the aqua. The bathroom and the kitchen are adorably droolicious (disclaimer: these words might not exist). Thanks for sharing this with us.

  22. Colorful home!The last picture made me to say wow!!!!!!!!Everything in this home is gorgeous!
    I am going to check out her blog.

  23. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! I am just going through your old posts. This is a beautiful home and you say only 800 sqft! It is the space many of us have in the US for our kitchen-family room :). I just looooooooooooooove that sink in the bathroom. I am usually not a blue person but that combination is totally out of this world. Hmmm... I think I need to check out my friends invitations to visit Bombay just to see how tiny these flats can be. It is mind boggling to imagine how tiny they are considering the big house my parents live in, in Mysore with a huge garden :). AWESOME. Where do you come up with these gorgeous homes. Thanks for introducing us to the house. Best wishes to the owner.



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