Thursday, September 30, 2010

Glorious tablescapes: a round-up.

You know holiday season is rolling around when lush interiors start appearing in magazines and on the blogs. My favorite part of the holiday season is the partying...getting dressed up, decking up the home, the warm, bubbly ambience that captures the spirit of the season. And nothing says p-a-r-t-y like a well-dressed table!! These are a few of the best styled tabletops I've seen this in the past month! 



Another party, styled in the most glamorous way..

Library - 1040

Library - 1054

Library - 1048

Both tablescapes use gorgeous colors and either silver or gold to add a punch of glamor! What will you be using this season?


  1. Can't believe its already October and even before I realize it will be Halloween.

    A lovely festive post; almost like a reminder to stop running around and to enjoy and celebrate.

  2. Lovely. The one with the OPENME invite is gorgeous! Hmmm if I do entertain over Diwali, it will be simple simple simple.....just some floating tea lights, flowes in urlis and vases and block print table linens. Nothing gold or silver other than the silver dessert bowls!

  3. lovely colors.hats off to all of you who take time to browse and show us some lovely pictures

  4. Diwali is coming and Little India is all decked out with lights and colours. These tablescapes put me in a festive mood straight away :). Walking to the fridge now to grab some cakes. :)

  5. Lush tabletops, GB! They look great! Wish Fall would hurry up and get here!

  6. awww! I saw these lovely tablescapes sometime back at the blogs you have mentioned! Feels great to revisit them! so much fun doing up all these tables...

  7. Beautiful and colourful flower arrangements.

  8. very very pretty

    makes me want to have a dinner party

  9. These are gorgeous GB...I would sit there for hours not wanting to disturb the settings of these gorgeous tablescapes.

  10. Oh my!! oh my!! these are awesome.. awesome!! the most amazing ones I've ever seen!! Oh.. loved them.. Wish my home would look half as good!!

  11. lovly table decor...i would love to keep my tablescape simple and golden hues...yes but silver with black wil b my colors this new year...
    love tht open me decor and tht gorgeous cup/saucer


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