Thursday, September 30, 2010

Its been a while....

....since I did a design-related post. I know. What's up with that? :) Well, get ready for some serious eye candy me lassies (and lads!)...Some pretty pictures to get your hearts racing; these were all images that caught my eye this week.....

Some splashes of orange in decor:

This week's been a little crazy for me, lots on my mind and loads of catching up to do. I've been juggling several things and posting has been a little haphazard. I hope to have things running smooth as butter (okay, we'll nix the cholesterol and stick with I can't believe it's butter) by next week, so don't give up on me yet! :) there's been lots of behind-the-scenes action....I may have another post to add to this one, more styling inspiration that we can use in holiday tabletops....I'm working on the draft right now. Also coming up tomorrow, an artist profile and a home-tour. How fun!! :) And then next week, I'll be hosting a little giveaway for my fantastic readers, so stay tuned......the fun is only just beginninng!!


  1. WOW!! lovely shades of orange and well mixing of it with other colours and love the geometrical design on the window and the pattern on sofa...fallen in love with the cozy corner of the second picture.

  2. Good pics GB.. waiting to know about the stuffed buns...

  3. i love-love-love the 2nd pic! the green artwork, those cushions & pops of orange!!

  4. The photos are serious eye-candy! I loved the 2nd image the best, the combination of green and orange- a combo I never thought would go so well together! Also, Gagan do drop by; I've gotten so used to yours being the 1st comment on my posts since my very first post, that I eagerly look forward to your comments. You've become my special reader to look out for :)

  5. Oh I simply love orange.. I do!! These are really inspirational.. love the orange and turqs...

    But for now.. my moods are on pink and purple!


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