Monday, August 2, 2010

Stairway to heaven!!

How was your weekend? Mine went pretty much as envisioned! :)...laughter+talking late into the night+spray park fun for the kids.....there's this wonderful tiredness that you don't mind because you're relaxed on the inside...the kind where you don't mind washing the umpteenth dish or the little messes that life lived makes...

So I'm back and its a monday. and a new week stretches ahead....  

Dear Monday. I wonder what promises you hold for us this week ahead.
As we cross off another week lived.
May you be savored..... 

Patterned stair risers eclectic staircase
How creative is this?!!  Staircase design by los angeles interior designer Laurel Murals. via Houzz.



  1. It's awesome...I can't stop looking at it! How creative!!

  2. What a great & inspiring pic to start Monday with :). Thank you, Gagan :). I clicked through and there were more fab pic but this one's the best :).

  3. Hey Sharon, Sans! isn't it such a fun idea? I'd love to try it out sometime.. :)

  4. Wow what a neat idea!!! Very different and creative!

  5. Thats really creative.. Love the idea..

  6. Very cool idea.Now only if I had a staircase in my house.:-)

  7. I so agree with Sharon..I can't stop looking at this staircase! Am saving it in my inspiration folder...My marble stairs better watch out!

  8. :D Blogging is addictive! and it makes me want to change everything in sight!!! where are those paints?!!


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