Friday, July 30, 2010

Paisley Friday!

Hello all you shiny, happy, people out there in blogsville!!! How are you and what do your plans involve today? Ours revolve around our friends who are visiting for the weekend. Unbeknownst to you (I love using words like that!), I have been busy cooking and cleaning behind the scenes...this post has been scheduled to run without any assistance from me (I just had to hit the "publish" I wish life were like that sometimes (maybe not, when I think of it..)). Oh I point here was that I like to get a major chunk of the work out of the way so I can enjoy time with company...its nice when you're afforded the luxury of planning isn't it? I'm a planner (and plotter, too!).............. :) and peace reigns when I'm allowed to chart out all the minutiae in my mind. I'm not a pleasant person to be around when you catch me unawares (consider yourself forewarned...!!!)

So while you enjoy pretty pictures of design and decor, I'm going to be lounging around, enjoying company..there will be chai and laughter...good food and fun. I wish you joy and peace this weekend!!!

We will return to regularly scheduled programming come Monday!


  1. Even though having company can be a lot of work, I really relish those few moments before they arrive, when all the tasks are done and the house looks great!
    Hope you have a lovely time with your friends.

  2. You sound like many of us :). Have a great weekend, Gagan! I am looking forward to mine :).

  3. Have a fantastic weekend with your friends.As usual,the paisley quilt is great.

  4. Thanks ladies. You're the best (but you already knew that didn't you...) Have a great weekend!

  5. Have a great time with your friends, Gagan!

  6. the chair + pillows + lighting fixture...i love this space!

    xo Alison

  7. Have a great fabulous laughter filled weekend!

  8. Love paisley bedding! I am currently swooning over this:

    P.S. Have a wonderful bit of laughter this weekend.


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