Monday, August 2, 2010

Over the weekend.....

...a little taste of India!!! made some delectable ras malai.....

picture by moi.

Recipe very similar to the one found here (Pree does an awesome step-by-step tutorial). Differences in the approach/tips...

  1. I use half'n'half instead of whole milk for the "ras"...cuts my prep time by half.  Bring to a boil (on low heat), the contents of--- one 16 ounce  carton +8 ounces of 2% milk. simmer for 1/2 hr.Add a few strands of saffron+ crushed cardamom seeds. Add 4 tbsps of sugar. simmer for 20 min. throw in a few crushed pistachios and almonds. simmer for 10 min. done.

  2. When making the paneer balls, it helps to "work" the chenna with your fingers to make it more makes all the difference in the "softness" of the paneer dumplings.
Tempted? its really not difficult and tastes awesome......let me know if you make this!!!

Update: there is a jewelry giveaway happening over at Neha's blog. Giveaway open to residents of India (you can also play along for friends and family back home in India!!) enjoy...


  1. you made ras malai??!! awesome!! awesome!! the pic is also gorgeous!! Looks yumm!!

  2. I just want to eat it :). The step 1 of my copy of the recipe would read: Find a friend to make it. Yummy!

  3. It looks really delicious! I have never actually made my own ras malai :)

  4. Ras malai yum - one of my 3 favorite Indian sweets (the other two are gajar halwa and rosogollas) some for me! I'm on my way......!

  5. ah the rasamalai u were talking about :)
    i believe u when u say it was yummmy

  6. I love the look of your ras malai! Very tempted to scoop out of the bowl.

  7. Gagan, I love your picture . The bowl or cup that you have used is awesome! Where was it from? India? Love the contrasting colours!


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