Monday, August 23, 2010

Rainy days and mondays.....

...(don't) always make me cry!! So it started to look like rain in the morning, but it never really did (rain, that is); however, it was enough to put a big damper on my day, or at least it managed to make me very moody (you hear that Thor? I'm blaming it on you!!). Are you like that? does a gloomy, cloudy day affect you as it does me? So anyway, when I'm like that I need a pick-me-up, and that's what this post is all attempt to revive my flagging spirits, which I did, with a steaming cup (or two!) of adrak-chai (ginger tea), some favorite music (see below) and tripping on some nostalgia (thanks google!!). I have to warn all you design junkies---this is NOT a design-related post. (One will follow later tonight, but for the time being, I just want to sit here with my cuppa and reminisce.)....

First, the music...tell me if anyone out there remembers/{hearts} it as much as I do:

Indie-Rock rocks!!! can't get over the Tabla/guitar combo. And hard to believe but I had a massive crush on Uday Benegal back in the day...(that hair makes me cringe now, just so you know!!)

One of my favorite memories of childhood involves the (now defunct) children's magazine, Target (I can't get over the fact that they now have a wiki page for it---someone else out there remembers, and loves, it as much as I did.) Unlike Chandamama and Tinkle, which have entertained generations of desi kids and are still going strong, you need to belong to a certain generation to have memories of this beloved children's mag---it was only published between 1980 and 1995. It was the magazine that I cherished most, with detective moochwala (by the brilliant Ajit Ninan), Gardhab Das and granny's gup-shup!! back then , they had a pen-pals club (yes, I belong to a generation that wrote postcards with ink pens! gawsh, I feel old!!), which I never did get around to joining...that regret has lived in me, all these years. And that is why I blog, so that another regret isn't added to the list.... :)

(Yes, I'm tripping on COMICS. There are FAR more nerdy things I've done in my lifetime, trust've only just scratched the surface of the iceberg yet!)

Anyone out there reading this, feeling the memories rush back? Anyone? What about Chandamama, Tinkle and Amar Chitra Kathas? and while I'm on the topic, anyone remember Asterix the Gaul? or Tintin? Talk to me. I know I'm not the only one out here...(someone had to have written all those wiki pages!!)

So anyway, there is a point to this post (I think)....there's this children's magazine, Kahani, that I'm planning on subscribing to for my son, who turns six this week. From the website:

"Kahani is an award-winning children’s literary magazine illuminating the richness and diversity that South Asian cultures bring to North America. Completely ad-free, full of great stories, art, activities, and fun facts, Kahani is a must-have for any family, school, or library seeking to empower and educate global citizens."

Other magazines my son enjoys: National Geographic Little Kids, Highlights High Fives and chickaDEE (all via the local library). Do you subscribe to any children's magazines? which ones? Talk to me.....I'm all ears!


  1. Oh me too.. me too.. I had a whole collection of comic strips... I even had a comic wall when I was in school... My mom never thought highly of it though.. My stuff was kept at storage at my aunts place... (years years ago).. and she didnt realise there was a leak.. and her storage are was filled with water for a few months... Sadly in turn.. I lost all my comic strips... photographs... books (you know those with awesome memories)... No I'm crying..

    Oh and if you are upset about the rain.. maybe you should come live in Dubai for a while.. It hardly ever rains here.. and we live in false hope so many days of the year..

  2. I love rainy days :). They put me in an exceptionally good mood even when I am sloshing around getting all wet and yukky and being splashed by irritating Porsche ! :)

    COMICS!!!!!! I used to read them alot! :) Me and my bro :) . I still love anime

  3. I just can't for the life of me remember if I read target.It looks familiar and I think I used to read it in the Army mess library.
    As far as Asterisk and Tintin are concerned,I firmly believe that just like we have the great cat/dog ,Canon/Nikon divide we have people who either love Asterisk or go for Tintin.I belong to the former and I hereby declare that the Tintiners are forbidden to come any close to the Asteriskians..

    It may sound juvenile but I have my principles..:-)

  4. Comics rule!!! :)

    @Sumi: I totally understand! Asterix was in a league of its own wasn't it? And Tintin...I used to love captain blistering barnacles!! :) (Not so much tintin himself, tho').

  5. Childhood revisited ...yeah you are right TARGET is long gone ...thankfully Tinkle is still alive and kicking.I used to read even the Hindi ones.
    Had subscribed to Magic Pot which is for younger kids.No my daughter Trisha who is almost 9 reads Harry Potter and lots a other stuff,but I try to pick up National Geographic kids for her.
    Thanks for sharing ...this post made me very nostalgic


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