Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Monday!!

Hola!! Let's infuse some color into this week shall we?

In case you're wondering where this wondrous place is: this glorious riot of color exists in Guanajuato, Mexico!! How goes the week, buddies? Hope you started it on the right note.... Me, I have several projects waiting for some magic. I'm amped up on inspiration and ready to go!!!

What will you be taking on this week?


  1. valley of colors!... love the buildings in the background with different colors.....almost no building is of the same color!
    hope you had a great weekend!

  2. Love this pic. Great start to an otherwise dull Monday :). Not complaining cos a little quiet is good :).

  3. How beautiful! I really like those colors :)

  4. What a way to kickstart the week, love the bright colors.

  5. :) It's turned out to be a gloomy, foggy morning for us as well! What a downer.

    Must. Focus.

    Thanks for stopping by, your comments always make me smile. :)

  6. i hate mondays!!!! heheh...but ur image in putting me into a fab mood!!!

    my todays post is rather color full too..check it out

  7. Wow isn't that a gorgeous picture? I was trying to guess where it was taken. This week I will have a couple of fun evenings planned with friends but other than that just another typical week. It is gloomy and rainy today but I am hoping that will turn around soon :)

  8. Wow gorgeous picture. I might have to ask your permission to copy it, so i can try and replicate as an oil painting? Lovely colors.

  9. @ Kamini: you'll have to go to the flickr page to get permission. It isn't ine to share, unfortunately. How I wish, I had been there and clicked that picture! :)

  10. Such a gorgeous picture ...thanks for sharing ...all yummy colours.


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