Monday, August 16, 2010

One man's mission to save Dilli's soul...

..that's right Dilli, not Delhi....the part that gives it its unique all about it here. There's a Monsoon festival in the making and it sure sounds like fun. Fellow Delhi-ites, will you be there?

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The monsoon Genda (marigold) concert sounds like so much fun!! Send me pictures if you go................ :)


  1. I miss Dilli and you make it worse. :-(

  2. i havent heard of them b4 but now will have to check them out...
    i just heard an indian punk rock band on august 15th called KAMINOS ...try them out if ur into that kinda music.. i enjoyed most of their songs ... but some were too much ..hehe

  3. Awww Pree, you and me both!!! chol, we'll cry on each other's shoulders.... :)

    @Prutha: welcome to my space. Kaminos...sounds like fun...I wonder if they have a website???? I had found a very cute indi-hip hop band, the opearte out of NYC (where else?) I'll see if I can dig up the specs.... :) Good to see you here!

  4. So monsoon is not a band right? I read through the brochure and believe that it is an exhibition of all things relevant to green, flowers, earth?

    I would have love going to one :).

  5. @sans: Oh goodness, no, Monsoon isn't a band (tho' that would be such a cool name don't you think?) No it's kind of a street festival. I used to love going to fairs and festivals (still a carny at heart!!!)

    He's trying to restore delhi to its old spendor. With the games looming ahead, Delhi administration seems to have gone a little crazy...its one man's attempt to beat some sense into their heads! :)

  6. I miss Delhi...and this post of yours made me miss it more.


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