Monday, August 16, 2010

After-school snack...wholesome kulfi!!!

A couple of weeks back, I spotted this recipe here. As Shayma recounted the stories of how her mom used to make these for her as an afternoon snack, my eyes glazed over and I teleported to mommy-super-stardom heaven!! So last week I whipped up this treat for the kid (and other innocent bystanders)...

My treat. Photographed as an afterthought, before it disappeared into the bottomless pit!!!

It was really simple to make, and though it doesn't look as glamorous as the pictures on spice spoon, it was delish!!! What I changed in the recipe: I omitted the cream altogether and used 2% milk instead of whole milk. It came out just-fine. What would I change next time?....I might reduce the amount of condensed milk in it as well--since I was eyeballin' the whole thing, I have no reference point!!! (note to self: measure and jot down the details, dummy!!! ). Also, since I didn't have any unsalted pistachios on hand, I just went with almonds. All in all? Delish and wholesome....must. make. again.


  1. thank you for the honourable mention. it's lovely that you took this recipe and added your own flair to it- probably amazing with almonds, too. i like both. pretty photo. x shayma

  2. @shayma: Hey, your post was what inspired it all! Thanks for stopping by... :)

  3. That sounds interesting...Should give a try soon...

  4. I love that you made these. I have Shyama's post bookmarked as well.

  5. @Nitha: it was really worth should try it soon!

    @Deeba: It was my blast from the past, too!!
    Welcome to my space. :)

  6. must try this for the icecream fan at home...

  7. @prachi: it's a really good recipe!! :)

  8. love kulfi and making them in a popsickle is a fun idea. very refreshing.


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