Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy Monday and colorful beginnings......... a brand new week!! this week I'm really loving photographer Debi Treloar's work. Here are some pretty pictures to start your week off right...

Ummm....... tumblers and roses. {love}

Love that tea-flask vase!! what a neat idea.

DIY idea: every anniversary, my sweetheart gives me a bunch of delicious roses. I let them dry on the stems and save the dried blooms in a glass vase, so I can enjoy their beauty throughout the year (my crop this year got mouldy and had to be discarded, so be sure to dry them out very well).

Lovely, gauzy colors of summer. Reminds me of India!!!

I've mentioned rambling rose earlier haven't I? This is sooo my idea of bliss!!! :)

So what are your plans for the week ahead my lovelies??? I have a new friend---she's a fabulous, creative DIY-er and we get to visit her home!!! squeeeeeeeeee. Are you up to it? Great! I thought so!!! stay tuned...we'll be dropping in for chai and biscoot (biscuits) later this week. And there's tons more design inspiration brewing at P&P central, so don't forget to check in!!


  1. oooh the last pic is jus mind blowing...i agree with idea of bliss as well

  2. All fabulous but my fav - the pink camelia/hibiscus flower in the black vase! Stunning! And the rambling rose...dreamy! Have been trying for 2 years now to unsuccessfully grow a rose creeper like that in my house...its NOT happening !

  3. @Nisha & Kamini: Thanks! just imagine the sweet scent wafting down from that riot of color!!! sigh...

    kamini, I'm so sorry to hear that...I thought the soil in H'bad was so fertile that anything would grow there!! if all else fails you could always try madhumalti creepers...they look amazing as well!!! and they're really hardy too!

  4. love those rambling roses. such a bliss.

  5. Have a great week, Gagan! And I am a big fan of Debi Treloar too :)

  6. @sayantani! :D thanks!

    @Priya: You too...(have a good week). And I know you've got great taste!! ;)

  7. Beautiful pictures and I love the idea of keeping your rose blooms.

    My plans are painting bleh.

  8. Flowers! No wonder all the pictures are so wonderful. I also see the flower girl, Tallulah is here :):) She has made mini versions of some of these and I have them with me :).

  9. @tallulah: Stick with it girl...the end results going to be awesome (we're waiting for the big reveal!)

    @sans: thank you for sending Tallulah my way. Your friends are so artistic ! :)

  10. @purplehomes: I'm really hoping that coaxing plants to bloom like that won't be very hard; because I really, really want one in my home!! :)


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