Monday, August 16, 2010

Let's call the dholi now....

I've been meaning to do a post on the great Indian wedding for a while now, especially since Kamini shared the news of her son's upcoming nuptials. There's color, there's food, there's gaiety, there's tomfoolery,there's tradition and culture, there's music, and clothes and jewelry...there truly IS no other spectacle quite like it!!!! Of course there's the ambiance too...

I think the post may be a little late in the making for Kamini's event (--can't wait for the pictures!), but for all those pretty young 'uns out there...there's tons of inspiration in blogland!! Don't feel compelled to go with saturated hues though. There are plenty of other color palettes out there, and using muted hues doesn't detract from their Indian-ness one bit!!! Here are some awesome blogs that cover South-East Asian weddings:

  1. Marigolds &Mithai.
  2. Cupcakes &Curry.
  3. Little Brown Bride.
  4. Big Fat Indian Wedding.
  5. The Asian Wedding Editor's Guide.
  6. The Sari Clad Bride.
  7. Digitology.

Hope this comes in handy for someone out there........ I had fun putting it together, kind of brought back some really sweet memories (I really need to dig out those old photographs now!).

This post is for you Kamini! :)


  1. Ha thanks Gagan! Indian weddings are a riot! Of course my son's wedding is by no means a traditional Indian wedding - for those of you who don't know, he is getting married to his partner of 5 years, and a same sex marriage is almost unheard of in the Indian wedding circuit - but nonetheless it is a wedding and we women are all ready with our saris and our bling!!! So if I need inspiration now on what we all should be looking like - i know where to find it :-) Fun post GB!

  2. Thanks for the wonderful mention!!

  3. oh yes! indian weddings are a dream come true for all decor lovers..aren't they?

    Kamini: congrats on your son's wedding.

  4. Gorgeous! Really gorgeous! Gagan - please, please share some pictures...?

  5. The Cafe Awtash pic is stunnin! Thanks for sharing these resources. We have a family wedding coming up!:)

  6. such cool images, love these! the one with the bracelets and the henna ink is just stunning.

  7. GB...just what i was looking brothers wedding is on jan 8th and i am planning it all out...
    if you come across some ncie wording to write on a personal wedding invite, do let me now on the lookout for some awesome, not too mushy, stuff to write on the invitation..
    love all the pics...

  8. @Kamini, traditional or not, its his day so make sure you pretty up for posterity!! :) (and for us blogizens!)

    @Kanika: you're very welcome---where were you when we were planning our gala? :)

    @Purplehomes: yup, they're fun alright!!

    @Leigha: you know I'm notoriously slow at pictures, digital or otherwise...I'll try and dig up some...

    @Sharon: that's what I wanted to do, put all these wonderful blogs out there.......... :)

    @Jules: those bracelets are called "chuda", traditionally a bride needs to keep them on for 40 days following the wedding (thus ensuring that she doesn't need to work around the house and enjoy her honeymoon period!!). Thanks for visiting, I hope to see you around more often!

    @Nisha: I'll do that!! How fun, planning a wedding........:)

  9. love bling bling of Indian weddings. such a fun post Gagan.

  10. Love the images. My sister is married to a Punjabi, so she wore chuda...its got a very fashionable look to it I must confess. Our wedding bangles the shankha and pola (just a couple each on each arm) is more sober. But we have learnt to bling it up too...mine had gold engravings on it. But where are they? Haven't worn them for ages.

  11. lovely lovely...I am reliving my wedding:-) Nothing quite like the hulla, hungama of Indian weddings!!

  12. Thanks for mentioning my blog!! Loving your stuff as well!
    LBB :)

  13. Gagan, I love Indian weddings and their decor. It's always wonderfully luscious, decadent, colourful and unabashedly indulgent. The reference will be great for me when I do a wedding scene :).

    Kamini, your son's wedding will be the best! I am sure they will both want something glorious and hopefully over the top! I will so love to see their setting :). Congratulations!

  14. Oh my gosh.. I can now hear the sounds of the shehnai... (guessing thats the spelling)... Loved all the images.. and I can now go and enjoy myself at Kaminis...

    Hey.. Gagan.. I had two weddings.. one was a proper Hindu wedding.. and one in the church.. all in white... This post brings back happy awesome memories... of family and fun... It will be 10 years this year... Dont know where the years went by... Im now in a romantic mood after reading your post...

  15. @ sayantani: thanks!

    @pree: I love bengali weddings too, have loads of bong friends and my BFF is a bong too. :)

    @LBB: you have a fabulous blog!

    @Sans: Wedding scene?, can't wait, be sure to really peruse these blogs-tons of great ideas!

    @Patty: twice the fun isn't it? We had two ceremonies as well! I got to wear two outfits and partake in two rites!! Loved it!! (tho' I was dog-tired at the end of the day!!) :)

  16. Our 11th wedding anniversary is next Wednesday and this one brings back such good memories, even though a Tamil wedding is nothing close to what you have in there.

  17. @geeta: Wow 11th huh? We've only clocked 7 yet! (not counting the years we were "together"). :)
    I like tamil weddings- have only seen one so far...very different from our north indian affairs I guess! :)

  18. Gagan ,great post!!!Thanks for sharing...I read ur blog everyday on the train on my blackberry when I commute to work ...Blog on!!!You make my day!!!

  19. @Archana: You just made mine!! Thank you.

    :) ---> :D

  20. Great post! thanks so much my sister is getting married next year and she needs all the ideas she can get!!

  21. @DW: you're very welcome...the blogs mentioned in this post all "specialize" in south-east asian weddings; several in the western hemisphere, and they're packed with info...:)


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