Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gallery walls extrodinare........

Putting together a home shouldn't be hard and it certainly shouldn't be expensive! One element that has caught my eye time and again is the concept of the picture wall/gallery. No, not talking museums or even the White House here...just making do with artwork you have on hand...your child's paintings, prints, botanicals, (framed fabric!), mirrors...basically anything you can group can be a cohesive group, bound by: 

  1. Color (or lack of it i.e. b/w, monochromatic images),
  2. Frame shape (ovals, squares, rectangles, or a glorious conglomeration of angles and curves),
  3. Frame color (i.e. the frames are all one color and weight...while the art is all-over-the place).
  4. Subject matter/theme: i.e. botanicals, doors (one of the desi bloggers had put up an awesome post on this...if it was you, please let me know, and I'll link up to it!), birds, butterflies, airplanes, photographs. Too many to list. You get the picture, right? (pun totally intended! sorry..the ham in me....)
...Or a wild eclectic mass of interest.... Totally up to you. But whatever you do with it, its sure to liven up those walls!!!
Inspiration?!!? Here's some..........
Further reading:
  1. An excellent tutorial on how to get your picture gallery just-so each time. 
  2. A mini-compendium of resources on hanging art. (With a large dose of humor thrown in!!). 
  3. A recent post on gallery walls. Some lovely pictures here.


  1. oh so gorgeous!! I somehow cant seem to do this at home...

  2. Very creative. I am so interested in dedicating a wall in my home for all the awesome pics that are hibernating in my PC. Thanks Gagan for good ideas. Your blog has become inspirational. :) Keep up the good work. Also hats off for being so regular :D

  3. Very inspirational !!...loved the forth pic :)
    Nice post!!

  4. I've been wanting to do one with really old b/w family pics....just have not gotten around to it! But now I am getting inspired to do so after reading this....must check out that tutorial! Lovely post GB!

  5. i love walls covered with photographs and all sortsa stuff...

  6. Thanks for the kind mention!
    This is a wonderful look for those who can get it right; happily, we can all experiment by laying things out on the floor before making scary holes in the wall!

  7. All those of you who said you were inspired to dig out the old photos etc. ......BEWARE!! this was a trap. I'm going to hold you accountable and ask for picures of YOUR fabulous walls....


    @Patty, click on the tutorial will change your life (not really , but...)


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