Wednesday, July 14, 2010

On this fine Wednesday morning.....

...let's take a trip to Turkey. Before you think- Oh, I know where she's headed...Turkish Kilims! let me introduce you to another stylish treasure from this country that sits at the crossroads of Asia and Europe. I'm alluding to their jewelry here (Kilims have been covered (pun unintended) by many excellent bloggers before me).

Lets talk bling girls! Introducing (which sells, among other things-- kilims, suzanis, ceramics, turkish evil eye handicrafts- yup, everything but the kitchen sink!)....maybe, I'll deal with those in another post, but for now, let's just ogle at some pretties, shall we?

I'm totally smitten by these necklaces.......

 smitten. enamored. infatuated.
I don't know what I love more- the pendants or the silk ties with the delicate bows. Who says jewelry should be all metal or beads?

Want to see more ? Head on over to.


  1. Ooh.Nice .I wouldn't have been able to makeout that these are Turkish.So similar to Indian jewellery.I have a pendant exactly like the one in the fifth pic!Small world :-)

  2. Oh my.. this is way toooooooooooo bling for me... Even their architecture is inspired by India in some way I think!!

  3. @patty @Sumi...yup, I saw the resemblance too!...I guess I'm just attracted to designs of a particular genre....I love the coevolution of art and design with influences from various sources--one can never quite pinpoint its origin, isn't it. But I sure know what I like.... and this style?- me likey!

  4. Those are so pretty. I like the hand earrings.
    Re: your comment. What a coincidence that you should ask about frosting. I have been working on a cream-cheese frosting recipe...whipping cream or cream cheese frosting are the only kinds that are not too sweet for me. I will post it up as soon as I come up with a recipe I'm happy with.

  5. So very pretty! There is this silver shop here where I love going, the guy travels all over the world and gets amazing jewelry. He has such a good collection from Turkey. But skyrocketing prices!!

  6. @ indie.tea...thanks, That's why I love you food bloggers, its like having my own personal army of chefs-you cut down my effort to half :)...its so hard to find that one perfect version of a recipe isn't it? Glad you're there! :)

  7. oh hi pree!- another of my fav foodie bloggers....

    Tell me all about the skyrocketing prices- I

  8. i love that necklace! gorg.

    xo Alison

  9. i like some of the designs, they look very indian though...thanks for posting these.

  10. @Amrita: yes, they do look very Indian don't they...I've recently made a Turkish friend(IRL) (and I'm a big foodie) so we were discussing food, and she said she was making "kofte" for dinner, and i asked and it turns out she was making zucchini koftas for know the more people I meet (and that's one of the best things going for the U.S.- the melting pot thing- its so true), the more I realise how alike we are...

    I'm just attracted to very ethnic looking jewelry (and everything I guess)...

  11. Love it! I have a few pieces like these that I picked up when I was in Turkey

  12. Hey Neha, welcome back! You have some of these? and you've been to Turkey. I'm officaially jealous now! :D


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