Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Decorating with nature-inspired art.....

There are classics and there are trends. Isn't it fun when classics are in?......lately, all the magazines I pick up are trending toward nature-inspired prints and furnishings (no doubt started by the likes of Williams-Sonoma and Crate and Barrel)....Well, I'm not complaining- I've always been attracted to organic forms. Reminds me of those hospital-green framed botanical and zoological prints in lab!

Anyhoo-the good thing is that they're back, in modern avatars (don't shudder in fear- I'm not going to introduce you to the dowdy decor schemes of decades past with botanical print overload...(think lumberjack plaid+loud botanical prints, and for extra points throw in one of those fans with palm tree blades-ouch!!)). Nah!

Let's look at some modern spaces, shall we?

Image from Australian vogue living. Via.

the cute side table...


Coral! and Ikat!- (can't look at Ikat any more without thinking of Priya)



Indian miniature paintings......

Etsy lovelies...........


Having difficulty visualizing this art in your space? Maybe this will help........ 

The framed print pictured above is available here.

(Side note: I love it when I get to see stuff in perspective- I wish more etsyians would take the initiative to do this. Side note 2- I love her space -très chic!- wouldn't I like to see the rest of her home sometime!!)


So what do you think? Could your space use art depicting flora and/or fauna? There are tons of options out there....will you bring it home?


  1. Yes yes,many times yes to your question.I will definitely bring such art home.Loving the feather art thingy.What I would love more is bird prints.Time to search etsy for more of these.:-)

  2. @sumi, :D I loved the feather art too!

  3. Hmmm..not too much into the flora/fauna thing, but I do like that fern print!! However, that third room...I love that! The pillows and cushions in those lovely colors...i could live with that!

  4. i love flora/fauna...in small bites.


    lovely post!

    xo Alison

  5. @Kamini- try it, or make it your own- you might like it. :)

    @Alsion. :D....are we talking edible art here? *grin*

  6. I know you are referring to the art, but that stair runner in the first image is to die for - and I would really love to move into the second image. What an array of gorgeousness!

  7. @Leigha, :D thanks- I think it was the whole package in that first pic- the colors in the runner+the pops of turquoise and those watering cans! I could certainly do with a little nook like that! :)


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