Friday, July 9, 2010

Home tour: Shweta's New England Haven

Hello! How was your week? Are you about ready to drop in for some chai with friends? I know I am, won't you join me? I'm thinking of visiting Shweta, who lives in the beautiful New England case you didn't know, we spent the last few years up there and I really.really.

Shweta blogs over at Hastkala and describes her style as "very Indian"....well, I happen to love very Indian!! Here's a look at a few corners from her home....... 

Little terracotta planters......simple and earthy.. :) Love the artwork, Shweta!

A little nook in her kitchen....

A sneak peek into her bedroom....lovely block-printed cushions... little dokra elephant in the background... :) Love the serene blue/creamy white linens..

Shweta says "I love Indian handicrafts. They have a personal touch of an artist. On every visit to India I always carry one extra suitcase for my handicrafts. Now days the thought of carrying limited baggage is trying to stop me from buying, but I won't give up even if I have to pay extra for my stuff. :) My home is an amalgamation of my travel finds. For me souvenirs are the pieces of art, not that machine made plastic stuff, that I buy from an artist or something native to a region."

Her love of handicrafts is visible in every nook of her home...Here are some vignettes from her space. Brass figurines & books....


Brass container and metal deer.....

Love the paisley sketch and her little zen corner....(methinks I'll  use this for today's entry of paisley fridays!!!)

Shweta is a strong believer in recycling and reusing. She says "I always look for stuff made out of natural materials like wood, clay, cotton fabrics etc. Even if something breaks down I know it won't break Mother natures back in decomposing it."

A gal after my own heart!!! Added bonus- she's an animal lover too!!

Check out Shweta's blog for some lovely pictures and to get to know her better. Shweta, thanks for sharing...I'm waiting for the second installment ;)


  1. Simple... elegant... minimalistic.. yet so creative & beautiful.. full of character.. I loved her hook.. and her pretty nooks..

  2. Green thumb and an eye for decor! All artwork has been done by her...Like you said Patty, full of character!

  3. Lovely artwork especially the yellow one behind the succulents! Beautiful, serene house!

  4. @Kamini, that's her own work... :)

  5. Thank you everyone for liking my work, I would give the credit to Gagan who gave me a platform to showcase my work. Thank you everyone for all those wonderful comments. You all are the source of inspiration. Blogging has inspired and made me a better person in so many ways. LOVE IT!

  6. Nice post Gagan :)
    Shweta your home is full of character!!
    Loved it :)


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