Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cooling off on this hot summer day......

with a tall mug of chilled  mango lassi....

Picture of my mango lassi; taken this afternoon, before it vanished!!

How has the heat been treating you? Here in the midwest, things haven't been quite as bleak as in the northeast reaches of the American continent. It touched 42 degrees (Celsius) in Montreal! Ouch. That's like Delhi when I left it- can't even begin to imagine what 45 or even 47 must feel like....while the heat lasts, remember to hydrate!!!

Remember to check back tomorrow...there's a home tour in the making!


  1. Oh my yuummm... thanks for reminding me.. Now I'll have to make some for myself.. :-)

  2. Oh Patty, it was yumm- polished it off in two gulps (or what felt like two gulps!!) :)

  3. Thou shall not tempt me. Especially not now.

  4. @Pree... but, beta, it is so goood for you!! ;)

  5. Oh, I'll take one (okay, I'll take two!).


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