Friday, June 18, 2010


....Paisley Friday, that is! I've decided to do a feature on paisleys each Friday. What better way to usher in the weekend (in my world). But seriously, with my computer and the web overflowing with oodles of paisley inspiration, I just have to do something (I can't just sit here, people!!). This feature will continue till my hard-drive is cleared of all things paisley, or till I sail off the edge of the Earth.... (translation: its here to stay). So here goes....

How cute is this paisley keepsake box? 

And for the chic mom on the go..... 
.....a paisley stroller blanket- (where was this when I used to take all those hour-long walks trying to get my baby to nap? (oh yes- this is for chic mamas, not harried moms!:))

Okay no more beating about the bush now- lets get serious and talk jewelry. :)
The perfect pendant to dress up a casual black or grey T-shirt with.

Are you a ring person? Then this one is for you....

Pretty little anklet...

Love the simple elegance of these danglers...




  1. Oh.. the box & blanet are simply gorgeous... a keepsake for sure!!

  2. Thanks Pat! I really loved the blanket's print as well. :)

  3. Simply beautiful. I have a weakness for paisley's myself. My paisley curtains would Oh so fit in:)


  4. :) Hi Sharon, welcome to my world! Funny thing- till I started this blog, I had no idea that I was so steeped in paisleys myself. The day I wrote this post I was wearing a paisley shirt and ended up having a good laugh at myself. :)


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