Friday, June 18, 2010

Have you thanked someone today?

Leah Dieterich over at thx thx thx does. Every day. Her little post it notes have the power to make you think and smile. Here's one that I absolutely loved:

 So if you haven't discovered her blog yet, click on over.....and her little thank you notes might just make your day. Have a great weekend.


  1. Love the idea. Who would have thought to write a post-it to books??? Also love your post on paisleys...I want that wire wrapped pendant!!!!! Have an awesome day!

  2. Thanks Kamini. I love the way she frames her thoughts!

  3. Wonderful idea - so important to do this. I'm going to check her out!

  4. Hi Struggler- thanks for dropping in. Hope you'll visit often. :)

  5. I really loved the idea of thanking everything even the bad qualities we have, after all it is a part of us and is just another side of the coin :)
    Thanks for sharing this blog with all of us who are following yours :)

  6. I agree- life's too short to keep's far better to look for the pros than the cons


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