Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Midwestern monsoons and nostalgia.....

Dear readers, do any of you remember the days when we actually wrote (and received) letters....some days I am visited with waves of nostalgia (especially when it rains and thunders like the monsoons--yup, we've been having some pretty rough weather here in the middle). The kind of days you wish you could just sip gallons of tea (don't try it- perfect recipe for heartburn)... Anyway, before I digress any further, let me show you what set me off on my trip down memory lane.....

That, gentle readers, is a letter pad- the sheets inside carry the same motif in miniature. I can just picture receiving a letter (preferably from my parents- my dad has the best handwriting ever!) on paper like this. I have very fond memories of my own very precious rice paper letter pad-of letters written in ink- there was a guide of ruled cardstock that you could slip under the sheets to get the spacing right. My letters were far from works of art though- (my handwriting's lousy and has only grown worse since I discovered computers). Nonetheless......many letters were written and I'm sure some may still be around in a little keepsake box my dad used to have. Every year, I look forward to my birthday because I know it will bring the customary card with pages filled with my mom's and dad's handwriting. Needless to say, there is a small keepsake box where I store my treasures. :)

Am I the only one old enough to remember pen and paper? Tell me it isn't so...


  1. Sigh!!!!!! I miss those days of writing letters. There were no backspaces or delete buttons. :(

  2. Hi Shweta, thanks for dropping in. :) I have to admit, the thing i miss most about the letter-writing days is the receiving part.

  3. Me too :) It was delivered personally by a postman and not by hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. It was special.

  4. :) somedays the only thing the post man brings is junk mail....


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