Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Inspiration gallery: mirrorwork walls

I am in total awe of the wonderful lippan kam, or mirrorworked walls of Kutch. I love how the artisans transform simple materials- mud and small mirrors into such gorgeous works of art. My fascination began with an article in an old issue of InsideOutside (India). Later, I saw it cropping up everywhere- I have very vivid memories of one of the outer walls of Cottage Emporium (at Jawahar Bhavan, Janpath, New Delhi), which was gloriously decorated in these tiny shimmering mirrors....heaven!

Lately, I have been planning a small DIY project for my bedroom wall and have been been collecting many pages of inspiration from the web. I would like to share some with you.....

Some wonderful details from Sheesh Mahal. Taken from here.

More Sheesh Mahal details:

I'm certainly not the first blogger to have covered the topic. See an excellent writeup here, here and another one here. Some images that caught my eye from Vineeta's post:

How glamorous is the bedroom above?? I could certainly live like that!

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