Monday, June 14, 2010

Still obsessin'....

....on ceramic elephant teapots*. I can hear them trumpet oh-so-gently into my ears... "take me home please".

Some cuties worth a look...
Images: Novica. Available here.

A slightly more affordable option. Available here.

*Sacrilegious confession: Though I am a tea drinker (more on that later), I still prefer to make my tea the Indian way- on the stovetop, with loads of ginger thrown in. The few instances that I do make herbal tea, are usually in the microwave- I have little patience with the functional aspects of teapots. Confession over.


  1. You have inspired me to do an elephant post too!! thanks!

  2. i'm nuts- and thats an understatement , about tea and tea pots. the haathi wala pot- i waaant!!

  3. @designwali- you're very welcome! :)

    @KG- Welcome! I have to say even tho' I'm not nuts about teapots (they remind me of some very stuffy aunties I knew growing up)- these lil babies are really hard to resist!

  4. Oh my.. this is simply gorgeous... I love the 1st one....


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