Monday, June 21, 2010

Hello Monday....

A big Namaste to all you gentle people out there in was your weekend? Mine are almost always the busiest time of the week- I usually need a weekend to get over my weekend. There were loads of errands to run in addition to the usual housekeeping tasks, playdates and fun in the sun. Hey, I'm not complaining- I thrive in busyness- the better half seems to think I create my own little whirlwind of chaos wherever I go. But don't fear gentle readers, I'm not going to subject you to a mini-tandav here (at least not yet-but now, you've been warned.) :)

Image Via.

Don't you absolutely looovve the controlled chaos in the table cover above. If only it were mine....... Also in love with the surahi- more on that later. In fact, every element of the picture above calls out to me- the colors, the wicker(or is it cane?) chairs, the bamboo chiks, the printing block, even the fern. Love.

So let me tell you what I have planned for this week. In addition to loads of inspiration, there's a home tour, some DIY goodness and a designer profile in the watch this space, and be sure to click back often......


  1. Gorgeous piece of fabric. I also love not only the surahi but also that water pitcher lurking in the backgound....! And just fyi - my better half seems to think the same thing, that I create work for myself! I think its a girl thing!

  2. Yeah- all he wants to do is laze around on weekends, while I always have "plans"......I've now figured out the perfect balance- I leave him to babysit while I tackle all the chores and we go out in the evenings (once he's had his nap). :D


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