Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday brunch......

Mouth watering pizza, photographed by Dietlind Wolf; picture found here
Pinned by me on my Tumblr this morning. :)

Found this picture this morning, while trawling Tumblr........that potato-rosemary pizza looked so tempting, I decided to make it for our saturday brunch. As I type this, the pizza dough is in the oven, rising. The pantry has been raided, I had baby red potatoes and fresh rosemary on hand. Two garlic cloves have been crushed and doused in olive oil and are sitting in a small bowl next to the pizza dough....In about an hour's time, I'll be ready to assemble the pizza. :)

There are several recipes and many iterations of the potato-rosemary-garlic pizza out there. I'm pretty much eyeballing everything and going with my gut, but in case you're interested, you can find some good ones here, here and here.

On the weekends, I like to keep things simple, opting for a quick brunch for the day and a nice dinner at night. My brunch favorites: parathas top the list, in every possible permutation and combination; some days it's upmas of various types (semolina/cracked wheat/bambino noodle) loaded with veggies, with a side of hard boiled eggs; sometimes it's sandwiches (panini-pressed or cold) served with salads....

Do you cook on the weekends? (I know many families in which the mom takes the weekend off! :) ) Does brunch figure in your weekend plans? What are your favorites?

Hope you're having a good weekend,


Update: Thought I'd add a pretty picture of the you go! There's blogging in real time for you, LOL! :) (PS: the pizza's already vanished.)

Rosemary and potato pizza


  1. Mmm this looks delicious,,,,even I try to keep it light on weekends,,,dinner most of the time is pasta or noodles ,I avoid,chapati and rice on weekend,,,,

  2. your pic looks divine :)..have a happy sunday

  3. Did you make that pizza (the last image).. lovely!! I'm not so much of a cooking person.. really! Hope you are well..

  4. Gagan, I think the Pizza in your picture looks much more mouth watering than the one you pinned...really:)...looks delicious.
    Most weekends, I do not cook...unless we are having company;)

  5. For us Sunday brunch is very much a part of my weekend. I cook and then we sit together and eat:) The pizza looks delicious.

  6. and as I am reading pizza dough is in oven..making heart shaped pizza today...Happy V Day Gagan!!

  7. Oh yumm!! Ups my hunger pangs this afternoon! I cook only on weekends hehe :D

  8. u shouldnt put such yummm pics!!!!!!


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