Friday, October 15, 2010

Justina's Fun and Stylish Space(s) in LA: a tour of her studio, and home.

I love blogging about homes....I love being inspired by the new personalities that I "meet", I love looking into the lovely spaces they have created for themselves. Justina's vivacious personality is infectious-- it's hard not to smile when you read her posts--the visuals are inspiring enough, but when you factor in her commitment to the environment and her inventive ways of upcycling, you just know that all is right. Fellow decor-addicts, it gives me great pleasure to introduce Justina Blakeney, creative director and co-owner of the design consultancy, COMPAI. Justina believes in sustainability and style, and boy! does she live by it!!! Her home, also nicknamed the "Jungalow" (caught a tiny glimpse of the fun personality?), is 600 square feet of S-T-Y-L-E, and was, get this, decorated on a $700 budget. (yes, 7 with two zeros. Only.) She managed to pull off this feat by only utilizing reclaimed materials---here's your lesson on how to get style on a budget!!! This is going to be a picture-heavy post, because like a greedy magpie, I can't stop picking out the pretty shiny pictures of the home she has created. Welcome to the jungle(ow)....

She's converted a closet into her home office...look for a more detailed picture below...

Love how organized everything cute are those labels?

Close-up of the living room wall/seating, with the kitchen in the background.

On the coffee table...

A cozy corner...She dressed up a discarded chair...

She made this mosaic table from a "found" base, broken plates and a custom fit glass top.

The entry to the jungalow!


That's a fun kitchen!!

The bright and cheerful bedroom! Don't miss the bedside table--love that punch of yellow!

Her home's ALL in the details!

Inimitable Justina of the reasons I make sure to check in on her blog everyday...
(that's a rolled up magazine...what a brilliant idea for storing those bracelets!!)

And her real office...aka the "offish"(!!)

This is the entry to her studio. Justina says

"The Compai Studio is located in a 1960's style building near downtown Los Angeles. There are (luckily!) huge windows, hardwood floors and wooden beamed ceilings. I wanted to make an entryway that was both inviting, colorful and also somewhat professional. Amazingly enough, all of the items that I have in the entryway are made from discarded materials that I found abandoned on the street, I covered the good 'bones' of the pieces in fabric, wallpaper or paint to make them new again."

This end table was rescued with fabric and paint. How adorable is the nailhead trim!!!

The transformation of a cast-off lamp!! style has nothing to do with money and space....

Did I mention she's a stylist as well.....I just want to transport myself into that picture.....

Tea at the jungalow....
Can I say "drool" here?

Her boundless talent doesn't end here....Justina, along with Faith (her sister and co-owner of COMPAI,  and contributor to the compai blog) has published four books on creating upcycled accessories....Don't you want to know how to make one of these amazing bags for yourself?

Read about her books here. You can visit Justina at her blog, etsy store, facebook page, and website. Justina's blog is full of how-tos and loaded with inspiration!!

The ever-charming Justina...

Justina, it was so much fun visiting your space, thank you for sharing your "always sunny in LA" space with us....


  1. wowie! it is so pretty...cant imagine all the creativity which went into putting it together

  2. wow...thts a bful and cozy house and perfectly designed.Great use of each and every corner and smart mind to decorate in gosh..simply awesome..having fun seeing all the pics...the cute office,fun kitchen and wonderful liv room..thanks for sharing Gagan

  3. so much color! I adore the end table and what she did with that lamp. And love the flowers in the bathroom. I think one of the things that makes me happiest is fresh flowers in the home. Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Love the ring holder and the rolled magazine idea for bracelets..not to mention the pillow pin-cushion for earrings! Nice!

  5. Oh wow! I really did feel like I was in a jungle...all that green and growth around. Beautiful...! And the details??? Just amazing! From the magazine bangle holder to the cups in the office for pencils etc...WOW!

  6. awesome! i love love love the fact that it was all put together on a budget with lots of love thrown in.

  7. Fabulous!! Amazing amount of creativity

  8. That is very clever and innovative, speaks volumes about Justina's originality, very impressive!

  9. Wow! I'm so overwhelmed, with this amazingly sweet post, and all of these wonderful comments! Thank you so very much Gagan, for always generously offering up so much inspiration-- it was such an honor to be featured here... and thank to your awesome readers, too-- you all just put a mile-wide smile n my face!

  10. First 800sqft????!!!!ON only $700!!!!!!?????? Amazing , Incredible, *some swear words :):).

    This has got to be one of my favourite features on your blog, G. Because I love recycling and because I love her style.

    Will keep a lookout of her books!

  11. lovely home! it really is so bright & sunny looking!

  12. Wow, soooo many amazing photos here, with wonderful organizing ideas. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has hung Ikea kitchen containers in my office - my hubby was teasing me about those!

  13. This post is so inspiring...I love the transformed lamp shade.

  14. wow wow!! gorgeous house.. so pretty.. cheerful.. loved the colours.. awesome!!

    And the work.. is amazing as well.. What a talented lady!! Loved that lamp.. :-)

  15. Each corner was eye-popping!! Super creative house, must be so joyful staying in a home like this :) Indeed a talented person Justina!


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