Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Home Tour: Yolanda's Oasis in California

Here it is folks, the home-tour I was alluding to yesterday! I would like you to welcome Yolanda Odom, (or Yolie as she likes to be called) to the center stage at P&P central. Yolie is a mixed-media artist (as will be very evident from the pictures that follow, a subject that deserves another post altogether!!!); she is an avid gardener and dog-lover to boot. Today, she shares with us some pictures of her magical garden and home...

That's a very happy plant out there!!!

Talk about curb appeal!!

Sweet peas and prayer flags!!

I wonder where the monkey is going...that's a lot of suitcases for a little guy like that!! But seriously, isn't that stack of vintage suitcases to die for??

Entryway (with a cute doggie-leash holder!). And another very happy plant!

You know I love terrariums, right? I'm so drooling over her lovely collection!!!

Bookcase with some more doggie-love.

Inside her studio...

Pottery collection

The "lair"-- her beautiful outdoor space for relaxing and yoga!

Another perspective of the lair....

Magical bench, with flowering vines....(I would so love to have one of these when I grow up.. :) )

Peace prevails..........

 Yolie blogs here and here. Go check out her photostream at flickr for more magic.....

Yolie, thank you so much for sharing your magical oasis with us. As always, all images are copyrighted to the original author, in this case, to Yolie.


  1. Totally amazing!!!

  2. That's a gorgeous blue and the outdoors are just spectacular.

  3. Thanks Priya, Geeta....I really loved her garden, too!

  4. Nice post Gagan...I just loved her outdoor space....amazing garden :)

  5. You've done it again GB! Fabulous post! Ok, so she does yoga and she loves dogs.....???? I cannot but love her and her house! Have to go check out her blog. That yoga den is to die for!

  6. So very homey and earthy!! loved her blogs too

  7. This is such a lovely house :). I want her green thumb!!! :) Really love what she did with the outdoor. I want to practise yoga with her :).

    Thank you Gagan!

  8. my i am in love with the colors on her outside walls! and that yoga space...swoon!

  9. Beautiful post...thanks for a visual treat...what do I say...everything is so awesome ...dunno which one to pick as my favourite the beautiful plants or the yoga den...maybe both .What a talented lady.Just looking at her pictures make me smile.

  10. Love everything about it! :) especially the yoga corner and the vintage trunks.. I have always wanted one!
    What a great post!

  11. That's a lovely home, loved the pottery collection and the terrariums

  12. the bench with the flower climber looks so beautiful, I would like one too...but now...already grown up you see:)

  13. lovely mixture of colors in the house!

  14. oooh...loved her lair!:) great find!

  15. Dear friends, thank you for stopping by and for your lovely comments! I read each one, and each one makes me smile!! Thanks for bringing some warmth and cheer to my day!

    Be sure to check out Yolie's gardening blog ( for all those wannabe- green-thumbs (like me) out there)....very inspiring (did you ever thing to put a succulent in a large red box (picture 1), what about the lair? is it gorgeous or what?

  16. Gosh.. what a beautiful.. beautiful home... I simply loved all the wall colours.. amazing..

    I also loved the outdoors.. and am working on something similar.. but on the roof... (hopefully will be done by Diwali).. Havent started as yet.. ;-)

  17. I adore her outside colors, but the stack of suitcases is absolutely perfect - monkey and all!

  18. Yes, yes, yes! That is the vintage suitcase stack of my dreams. And don't even get me started on the 'lair'!


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