Friday, July 16, 2010

How do you lay out the welcome mat?

What does your entryway say about you....To paraphrase a  common commercial.."what's in on your wallet door/entrance/porch?" I had put this question to a few of my blogger pals, and I'm glad I did! Look at what I discovered.................

Anu of "My dream canvas" has a sweet yellow terracotta bird & chime to greet her guests.....

Sanghamitra from "Rainbow-the colors of India" has some tribal masks and traditional brass lamps gracing her entrance.........

Kamini's Veranda...lovingly put together with a multitude of green plants, lovely hanging lamps, lanterns, bells and birds...her walls are adorned with folk art....That's what I call an entrance...when can I drop in Kamini? If you missed her home tour earlier, here is the link...

What's on my door?..........

There are a few other blogger friends who are in the process of getting their pictures across to me...if you have any you would like to share, please do send them in......let's inspire each other! Stay tuned for part two of the "welcome" series.....


  1. Thanks once again GB. I'm starting to sound like a broken record! Always fun to see what others have at their entrances....and they are all so lovely!

  2. ohh beautiful entrances. love your elephant shaped bell. cute and quirky.

  3. Gagan thanks a bunch :)...yup..once again!!
    Just loved all the creative, so pretty :))

  4. @Kamini, @Sanghamitra...Thanks girls...couldn't have done this post witout your contribution. :)

    @Sayantani. :) I love the little elephant-bell--it has the most distinctive sound!

  5. Oh soooooooooooo beautiful.. one better than the other... Lots and lots of inspiration for me... Can I please call all you people home.. to help me decorate my home.. Please... Promise to put up a great party at the end.. :-)

  6. So pretty! My blue front door and red geranium are about all I have to offer, I'm afraid.

  7. Thnaks Gagan for featuring my entryway along with so many talented people. Lovely images!!

  8. @Struggler: Thanks. Blue front door sounds so fun...what shade of blue?

    @Anu: Thank you...the post wouldn't be possible without your input! That's the power of visuals...I don't know how far back I had seen the picture of your hanging bird and bells and the image had just stuck with me.... thanks for the inspiration! :)

  9. ooh! i (think) i have an interesting entrance too! will click and send pictures :)

  10. KG, like I've said...can't wait for your pics! :)

  11. Hi GB..
    Loved the post today and this post is great ...loved all the entrance decorations and the tribal elephant bell looks very interesting...
    I love doing such things and making a few of such knick knacks myself..


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